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Hi everybody, my name is Adam.  My wife and I are considering moving to Oaxaca state in a few years, if things work out in our favor here in California.  We agree that we do not want to bring our son up in this environment.  Our plan is if/when the value of our house reaches a certain value to sell it, buy a house for ourselves around Huatulco and a few other entry level  investment properties, and get into the hospitality market with airbnb and the like.  This will be our income generator there.  It's not going to be that easy, it never is,  but thats our current plan in brief.  My question is when something like that is first set up, how long will it take to make a livable income with that kind of set up ?  Given that the locations are desirable
and What should I expect?  I've been doing a little research myself by contacting someone on airbnb and looking at there future bookings.  What I got, from her and what I found was that the busy season is reliant mostly on the Canadian snow birds from mid-Novembre to mid March.  What kind of occupancy rate should we expect during the rest of the year? Are there any other major events around Huatulco that attract crowds?  Any info will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hi Adam, I am not an expert but the following is personal experience. My wife and I are permanent residents in Mexico since 2017 and traveled Mexico 6 months a year since 2003.

First, your comment is correct about the high season being mid-november to mid-march but also note that many snowbirds come down in their RV so renting campsites not houses. Also the generation of snowbirds is fading because of age thus less rentals.

We live in La Penita de Jaltemba, renting a 2 bedroom apartment in a 9 unit complex during the low season = ZERO rentals because the owner (Mexican American) doesn't rent to Mexican nationals. During the high season, the owner request a 5 months minimum rental period BECAUSE if not the snowbirds would rent only for 3 months from December to February resulting in less revenues.

I have a friend who is staying in Huatulco...very hot in summer and very little foreigners could even say NONE during summer.

Have helped a Mexican national with his campground (12 sites) in Lo de Marcos, the best rental was the equivalent of 50/60 months/rental year. Good money during Easter with nationals (daily parking and tents).

Just came back from Tlaquepaque (2 nights stay) at the same B&B where we always go about 3 times a year. The occupency rate was 28,4% for the month of June 2019, the nightly rate for two persons is $1130,50 including all taxes (about 19%) and breakfast (Casa Campos in centro Tlaquepaque), the same rate is valid year round. Not expensive and very good value is what knowledgeable travelers are looking for.

If you have properties near the ocean it's HIGH maintenance cost and you need to speak Spanish and have good contacts to pay the Mexican wages.

Most important is that your business be legal thus paying your impuesto sobre la renta (income tax) and being registered with the RFC.

Nonetheless, buena suerte en su proyecto. GyC.

Thanks for the info.  Since we plan to immigrate into the community and not just buy a vacation home. We will being doing everything legally.  Thanks for the info

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