Good islamic primary girls school near Cairo

Assalamu alaikum,

We live in UK and have 3 kids, Daughter 8 years old doing home schooling. Son - 2 years old and a child of 5 months old. We are planning to come to Egypt mainly for Arabic studies for us ( me and my wife) and Arabic language fluency for children. I have a friedn near 10th of Ranadan city and he said to accomodate me there. But not sure about good schoold for children.

Anyone recomend that place for good education. Any good islamic girls school for my daughter and some good nursery for 2.5 year old son please there? If not, what could be the good place and school to move.. What will be cost of education approximately?

I was also planning to get soem houe maid for baby sitting and some house hold stuff. Any idea of how much it should cost?

What is the documents we need for the initial visit to admit to the school and what kind of VISA is needed for me and my family?

How about Leisure centers or social life there?

When does the school starts(like September to July)? What docs does the school expect from us to make admission and how easy is to get the admission and how soon do we need to apply. And also anyone recommend any arabic schools for me and my wife. We are mainly looking for the Fusha Arabic to learn..

Many thanks in advance...

We Alikom Al Salam Wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoh,
First of all I would like to welcome you and your decent family to Egypt.
Actually I cannot answer all of your inquiries, but I can give you some good recommendations for the schools.
There are 3 schools that are Islamic and one of them is teaching international curriculums (British and American and another cheaper national language branch ) which is Al Bashaer Schools (located in Al Maadi district).
The other 2 schools are national language schools (Al Ghad Al Moshreq school and Manarat Al Farouk Language school) and both are located in 5th Settlement district (15 Minutes from Al Maadi district as well).
Regarding 10th Ramadan district, I suspect that you can find a good school there, in addition that it is far from the center of the downtown.
Best of luck and please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.
Hamdy Mohamed

how easy is to get a place in the schools there and what is the procedure for that please?

Actually I don't remember, since I applied for my daughters about 6 years ago, but I will share with you the school's website which has all the information you may need about admission. You may need to correspond directly with them as well, if you couldn't, then send me your inquiries and I can go and ask for you:
Regarding the other 2 schools I don't have enough information but I knew from my friends that they are good and have good reputation as well.

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
welcome to you
about you question (what could be the good place and school to move.. What will be cost of education approximately?)
I recommend to you Al Rehab City in New Cairo .. It is a nice city.
you can find many schools there or nearby
the school fees start from 18000 Egyptian pounds

Best wishes

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