activites for children???

Is there any activities/sports for children? ANything at all, I can't find anything

You mean, events in this Blog? Or mainly!

I mean any activities at all in Cairo for children

There is a private club in maadi named Allimo its for kids and adults too
But mainly I take my kid (3 years) to enjoy activities and a lot of fun for him with others!

My son goes to mygym in heliopolis. They do gymnastics and movement classes from 6 weekz old to 13nyears old. They have a facebook page. There is also a music class in heliopolis called kindermusik. They also have a fb page.

I find it very difficult to find activities for children - especially during the summer m onths right now when a month is covered by Ramadan.
I find that being a member of some club does help a little - at least then rather than tearing your hair out - you can tke them swimming (but for their Mum sometimes it is not so easy - it isn't the done thing to don a costume and go swimming!!)  A small club / one that has mainly expats is one to choose.
Maybe find one a compound - yes they are smaller - but for a Mum to take her children swimming no problem.

Some of the shopping centres have playgrounds/areas/indoor play centres (think Billy Beez at the mall of Arabia) - not cheap - but I take a book and read whilst they play - good for an afternoon; or if they are older you can deposit them there and then go to a nearby coffee shop (but this is best if they have a phone).
I find it difficult becuase there are not open spaces / parks like at home - so outdoor activities are not high on the list (and the weather doesn't encourage them.
AlAzhar park is nice - but it gets way to busy - everyone has their own sq. metre and in the playground you can't see the equipment for kids - my kids felt very intimidated by the sheer number of kids.
Some places do some week long summer camps - but again you have to pay.

Must admit if I was a teacher I would be going home for the summer :)

lostinegypt & biffy,
Recently I got to know "by chance" about the summer camps being held at the AUC in Cairo. Here are the links below, maybe they will be of some help for your kids during summer:

1- Youth Summer Program … grams.aspx

2- Youth Science Summer Camp: … rCamp.aspx

Also follow this link about the same topic which was discussed previously on this site:


the thread you have given is 3 years old - things close down / move / don't happen anymore.

biffy :

the thread you have given is 3 years old - things close down / move / don't happen anymore.

About the AUC summer camps,
I am 100% sure that they are currently running. Last Tuesday I was at the AUC facility "located in Heliopolis" and I found such activities are running. I was also told that the same programs are running on the New Cairo Campus as well. You can check the AUC web site.

About the last link "old thread",
I just found it on the site but I didn't call to check about it. Honestly, I didn't imagine that it would be closed by now after such good feedback about it.
Sorry if it is not valid anymore, just tried to help.


mo it's good.
But the AUC is far from  us we live in 6th october.

We are arranging play dates with all the children from my childrens different classes. SOme play dates are simple home affairs - some are going to somewhere like Billy Beez

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