Banking in Madagascar in 2019

could I get opinions on the best banks in 2019 to use in Madagascar

for transferring money from overseas with little problems from bank officials that I think are just looking to steal funds

maybe - gasp - internet banking that works ?

so far I have had experience with BNI , BMOI , and MCB and really I trust none of them. - each city seems to be its own little enclave and none of them are there to help you , their only desire so far as I can tell is to try and frustrate you with demands for ludicrous paperwork in the hope you will go away and not bother them again.

what are peoples experiences with Bank of Africa in Madagascar ? BFV-SG ?

I am back in Mahajanga since March and have a bank account at BfV. After some weeks I had my cheques (yes - these are still used her...) to withdraw money, then a provisional VISA card and later the "real" VISA card for Madagascar.

They were recommended to me by several people living here, and I find them quite decent. I was able to open my account before having residency

I agree with salersa  for her advise , it is solid and factual.  I use BNI and BOA to transfer money without problems.  You can open a BNI account and they will give you 8% interest on your money if they can hold it for a year.  The exchange rate that the bank will give you varies from the central bank which is why I have two banks .  Boa will give  better exchange rate at certain dates and then again BNI will give better exchange rates. Anything over 4,000 dollars they will ask extra questions such as what do you need this money for.  You can give any answer you like they just need to comply with the  paper work.  Checking accounts and credit cards are not free you have to pay for the use of this service.    By the way travelers checks still get a better rate of transaction than Cash- go figure?

I lived in Mada for two years, living in Majunga and a Mahambo, and the service I received from BFV was stellar, no matter which branch I visited. However, transferring funds was an issue with my US bank.... Madagascar was on their watch list, so instead, I just had funds sent to me via Western Union, then cashed in the funds at BFV and had them deposited into my account.

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