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I would like to move my family to Tana. I have two kids. Now they are studying in an international school in Thailand. As we plan to live together we like to search for the best school. If anybody have information about the schools and their fees please share with me. Even they are now in English medium we are ready to go for French medium too. Only the facilities and the quality of the education are the matters we concern.

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HI Aurélie, Thanks. Any advice on schools for me??


There is a well known American school in Ivandry, Antananarivo

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there is an american school which is good but pretty expensive (about 10,000 $ per year), a french middle and high school(price depends on nationality) :, and 4 french elementary schools (EPF A, EPF B, EPF C, EPF D), vision valley (a turkish school) and a british school, but i dont know the name.
most of the foreigners go to these schools, but there are also a lot of malagasy-french schools like saint michel

the most challenging school is the french one but does not give as much attention to the children as the american or turkish one. i would suggest visiting the schools and talking with the directors.

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[b]Hey I know I'm late but still if you have any plans to go for a good school go for VISION VALLEY SCHOOL Antananarivo!! its a greatly diciplined school and all students are well behaved. Believe me its my personal experience I study there :) Regards!:) plus its English medium :)

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First of all I ma very sorry for my very late reply.

Thanks a lot for your advice.
Yes. I have contacted American International school and its very very expensive for me and also they are selective in giving admission.
Priority is for north american or south american kids.

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yes, the American School is very $$ but the vision valley school is much more cost effective, however it is by the American Embassy.. they do have a bus to pick up the children..

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I have tried the Vision valley. But they don't have seat.
Now my kids are studying at International light college ( College la lumaire )

Now I am looking to find out which is the best hospital here in Tana.

Please advice me.
I need Pediatrician and Gynecologist, Dentist, Skin specialist etc..

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If you need a best pediatrician, i can advice you to go to clinique Noa who work doctor Rija.

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There are a few English-medium schools in Tana, but not many. The first and by far the best (and most expensive) is the American School of Antananarivo (ASA - see The enrollment and monthly fees are on the website, but count approx 15 000 USD per year. Only they offer full Kindergarden to G12 education, and the elementary school is excellent and they are PYP certified. All the key-teachers are native-English speakers, which to me is one of most important quality criteria.

Then there is Vision Valley school near the American Embassy. This is a nice Christian school run by South Africans and they have some native English teachers. I don't know the rates but much less than ASA.

There are four official French primary schools (Ecole A, B, C, D - how creative!!) that follow official French curriculum. Non-French nationals pay much more than French-nationals. It is less than ASA but still pretty steep (don't know exactly). They have teachers from France. Then there are numerous 'ecoles homologes', these are Malagasy private schools that follow French curriculum.

For little ones there is Kids Academy, very nice, in French and English but it is really more French than English, and no English native speakers.

My children are at ASA...if you can afford it it is the best option in Tana.

Good luck!

hi everyone,

thank u very much for ur blogs.

I have contacted American International school and its very expensive for me, even tried the Vision valley. But they don't have seat.
i am located near tanjombato, is there any schools near by with english coaching for my 3 yr old son.

even french school is also okey... Only the facilities and the quality of the education wil matter.

thanks n regds,

Looking for an english school in antsirabe

I am planning to move to Tana and looking for a school for my 5 years old son. I would like to put him at French school. Do you have any advice?  Thanks

have a look this --->
International Light Colege... It is a turkish school.
My kids are there and I am very pleased with. The enviroment, building, facilites, caring, activities etc. are really perfect.
and also school fee is very acceptable comparing the other international schools in Madagascar.
Four language are tought; English, French, Malagasy and Turkish.

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i would like to know schools in madagascar .. can any one provide the same .

my daughter is studying first class in hyderabad , Now i am planning to move madagasacar so i am looking good schools for further studies purpose.

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This thread started six years ago and now it is 2018 and many advances have been made over the internet.  I would like to ask ---Are there schools that offer courses over the internet that are equal or better than the conventional  brick and mortar schools.

Hi. I have just settled in Madagascar. I'm looking for a school for my daughter 5 and half years and my son 3 and a half years. I live in ankadimbahoaka

Hi, I'm considering moving to Antananarivo with my family. my main concern are the schools, for the previous posts I can see there are options for primary but nobody mention how secondary schools are? my kids are 5 and 12 years old. thanks for any information and advice.

There is a small English school near Tanjambato called Sweet First Years. It is a Christian School which follows a Montesory curriculum up to grade 6, and a traditional system starting from grade 7. Students at this school are very independent and follow their own pase to finish their studies, unlike most other schools. I study here and personally find it be a good and disciplined school. If you are considering to sign your child in, you can call the headmaster of the school: "033 11 410 90."

I have heard there is a school in Antananarivo where Esperanto is taught. I would like to help support them. Does anyone know it’s name and can provide contact details?

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