Reputed school with high standard in Toamasina (Thamathave)

Hi all,

My husband has moved to Madagascar Toamasina 5 month ago. And my family also plan to move with him. i have 3 children age from 5, 8, 11. Therefore Im looking for a reputed school with high standard in Toamasina (Thamathave). Please help me to find proper education institute...

Hi  P.M.U. Rizana,

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Hello Rizana,

there is the Lycee Francais de Tamatave, it's all in french and it's recognised by the french government.
You have an other school (I think until the age of 11 th) , it's managed by a french woman , la petite bulle, you have to know that Madagascar is a french speaking country, more than english, but you can find english speaking schools in Tana but very expensive.

I am a teacher in an English school called Madagascar Christian Academy in  Antananarivo . It is a very good school but it is  in the capital. I do not know about toamasina

Salams rizana,

My husband has also moved to tamatave in madagascar,kindly let me know if you come across any english schools there as i too have a son... i came across this school called ambotovy intl.. have you heard abt it? Kindly lt me know ia..

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