Child delivery at Clinique du Nord

Hello, i am currently looking for recommendations and info on experiences about delivery at Clinique du Nord. Anyone ? I am expecting and my gyne only does delivery there. Would like to hear more about other mums experiences at this clinic. Thank you!

Hi ..
You can go at Clinique Du Nord and the staff are very good.
They work mostly with foreigners and tourists.
Most of the hotels in island work with them due to their professionalism in medical care.
Also 90% foreign ships calling Port Louis prefer to go to Clinique Du Nord as the services being provided is of high standard.
Best regards

When are you due? I'm due 16 Aug and will be giving birth a Clinique du Nord. I can give you feedback afterwards :)

Hi im glad I saw this topic. I am also looking for a private clinic for giving birth..
Do you mind if I ask the cost there?
Thank you.


I am also interested in a good clinic but also for a good gyne.
Any recommendations? Close to Grand Baie would be nice, but is not mandatory.

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