Rum, Rum, Rum

It has been suggested that I might start a RUM chat...

My local Favorite is Lleyenda.. A Brugal product
However, recently - SDQ didn't have it at the Duty Free.... so Cubaney was Suggested

I needed a house guest present- fast... so Cubaney was it.... and a BIG success!!

Kirk and Sweeney is another.... an Oliver product

A Casa -- I fabricate my own.
I use Barcelo Gran Anejo.... heat water and honey and vanilla....just a bit
My own Mamajuana... so to speak
Mix 'em all up...Voila!!

Yes.. chocaolate goes well .... a bite of chocolate - a mouthful of house blend
That's dessert for me

For those of you w/ spelling problems...
Deserts are dry

Desserts you always want two of --- hence - two 's's

Prof Dictionario

The only sipping rum from DR that I really have grown attached to is the 'common and garden' Brugal Extra Viejo.

As you know from earlier discussions ww, my sipping rum preferences are from other Caribbean countries. I am not sure how far 'planner' would let is drift from DR? A Cuban brand is brewed here in the zona franca south of the Monte Plata turn on the Samana highway.

I do think Brugal Blanco is the best mixing rum.

And of course, the Caribbean thing is rum and cigar bar - the latter is not to my liking.

When discussing rum you have lots of latitude.

I am not much of a drinker and definitely not an expert. I don't sip rum I mix it so it's not a huge deal to me.  As long as it not 151 I am ok.

Actually there is a link to many of the fine island rums, in that it is Dominican molasses that are now exported to the islands to make their particular brand. That can't be said of some excellent rums from Guyana, Venezuela and Central America.

#1 for me is Zacapa XO from Guatemala.

Rum is great mixer too in cocktails but I like to keep it simple with a Cuba Libre - so named after the Cuban revolution to omit reference to American Coca Cola in rum and coke.

The best bar I've come across in DR for making great rum cocktails of one variety was Mojitos in Las Terrenas. It was well situated on Playa Popi but the beach got eroded during the storms of 2017 and it washed away only to be replaced with a new Mojitos nearby. So many Mojito variations to enjoy.

Brugal Extra Viejo for me.  Straight, on the rocks, with a mix...I don't care as long as it's Brugal extra Viejo!  That doesn't mean that I won't drink the other rums on the island (just to be

If you like the extra viejo.... next step up is Leyenda... in the Brugal lineup

No mix - neat !!

We like the Barcelo Gran Anejo too. It goes well with Bai coconut/lime water.

The better rums without doubt are drunk neat.

It seems the older Dominicans prefer their rum this way and the younger generation use a wide selection of drinks to mix with whatever.

I guess expats are the same with an appreciation of the finer points of good rums neat as you get older.

Rum was always the cheap alcohol along with vodka.

When you see top rums costing more than fine whiskey you realize it can also be made to high standards. The French island fine agricole rums can cost a fortune.

I think Brugal Blanco is a good mixer rum and I ask for it in a Cuba Libre.

My favourite rum for mixing in the Caribbean islands is from Antigua and it is cheap....Cavalier. Had many a good time drinking this rum mixed, with Dominicans living in the islands........there is a strong family link between Leeward Islanders and Dominicans from San Pedro and La Romana.......they came to help the sugar cane production last century. Great cricket players became great baseball players!

My all time favorite rum was Brugal Unico, sadly, it is no longer produced and I have only one bottle left. Next fav is Zacapa XO which is also pricey but at least still available. XO is cheaper in Florida than here.

I drink my rum neat as well but anything better than extra viejo is just tooooo smooth!  The Leyenda is sitting on the shelf collecting dust... :0 maybe if I ever run out of EV I will have to crack a bottle of Leyenda...

Send  that Leyenda over to me !!

More ideas

I just gave a bottle of Barcelo Cream Rum to a friend. She loves it! Me too.

The French Islands make good rum - Agricole.... medium dark

Opthimus didn't appeal to me.... Dominican

Matusalem is the rum.... lennox.... is that it on the Autopista
Zona Franca
Pretty good I hear...

I have tried BONES..... not for me.....

I liked the Matusalem but it does have a different taste.  I also tried the Legendario from Cuba.  The Legendario is a bit sweet but nice after dinner.  It's a darker rum and the price is cheap.  Worth a try.  Still the best drinking rum so far...Brugal EV although the spiced rums are pretty good too.  Captain Morgan, Bacardi and locally the easiest to get is Rebel from Macorix.  Great with some freshly squeezed lime and a touch of sprite.

I was disappointed with Matusalem 15 year too. Yes the distillery is located in the zona franca south of the Monte Plata turn on the Samana highway.

It doesn't compare with 15 year old El Dorado from Guyana as an example.

I do like the Mount Gay XO from Barbados but it doesn't beat the Zacapa XO.

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