Work permit and Permanent Residence

Hey hi need some help to understand below points .
I married to Hungarian and planning to move in to Budapest , i have applied to family re unification  Permanent Residence , however my agent who is helping in the process told me that i am not able to work with PR , and i have to apply for Work permit once i get job ,it this true .

Are we allowed to work in Budapest with PR .
How much  time does  it take for work permit

Not really sure if immigration has changed in the last 8-9 years or so but my experience was as a spouse and mother of 2 HU citizens I was first given a 5 year permit to stay and after that I got a 10 year perm. permit to stay in HU.
I never explored if I could work or not with my first 5 year permit.
I believe the first permit was that of a dependant of a HU citizen, so probably I was not allowed to legally work with that card.
Now I know I can work if I wish to.
It seems to depend on what sort of permit you are applying for.
My husband had to prove he could support me with my first permit so that could be something to look at in your case.

There are different types of Permanent Residence cards. The National card has more restrictions than the EC card. Not everyone can get the different types of permits. See this site for more details: … mp;lang=en

I would expect the person helping you should know what are the requirements and limits of the residency permit you are seeking and the requirements how to apply for a work permit if one is needed.

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