International schools recomandation please


I am relocating to KL mid July and need to find a school for my 12 years old daughter.
We are from Romania and my daughter was attending a public school but studied Enghlish (yesterday she had the PET exam). I
n KL I would prefer a British curriculum school as we are planning to return to Europe in 2-3 years.
My company office is in Petaling Jaya and budget is maximum USD 15,000/year.
Can you please help with few school options?
Thank you very much.

madi3 :

(yesterday she had the PET exam).

For those unfamiliar, PET is a mid range Cambridge university press English language test that covers all four disciplines. If a 12 year old can get a decent score, it means their English is at a reasonably standard so they will probably be able to follow most lessons given in English, but she'll probably have to do a little extra work for some subjects (such as the sciences) as the PET doesn't cover English for special purposes.

For the OP

The British IGCSE course generally sees examinations at the end of  grade ten, that usually being followed up by A levels at the end of grade 12.
I would strongly recommend an intensive English course with lots of listening comprehension and conversation work so she'll have a fighting chance in what are difficult lessons.
That should get her up to FCE standard and above, and that's going to mean she can really get stuck in to her course work then, upon looking for work in an English environment, means she will have massive advantages in the job market.

Hi there,

Lots of good British curriculum school options in your price range. You might find this map helpful - it shows the school locations, colour coded by price:

This list might also be helpful - it divides all of the major schools into 6 price tiers, with links to their fee pages.

if you have any specific questions about any of the schools, please get in touch via PM! Very happy to help.


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