Medici living problems

Medici living is a website with flatshares in Berlin. They are supposed to be nice accomodations. However, when i first moved in, my large bathroom door was falling apart. Now, it is completely off of its hinges. My flatmates and I all contacted Medici Living OVER A MONTH ago, but they have still not done anything. This door is extremely heavy and would be very dangerous if it fell. Additionally, I do not want to be paying full rent when I cannot even have privacy in my own bathroom. I

What can I do to force them to fix the door? This maintenance is frankly ridiculous. DO NOT LIVE WITH MEDICI LIVING.

Medici Living does not rent out their own properties, but are intermediaries between private owners and guests like you. You may try to conact the property owner if Medici does not respond. But in fact your best option is probably moving out and not paying any further, as such shortcomings allow you to terminate the contract without giving notice.

It sounds like you need to contact the actual owners. I don't want to make light of the problem, not that it is a nice situation but really a bathroom door is not the end of the world. In many communities the housing market is so tight that even Germans with good jobs don't find a place to live; so one might keep this in context that one is lucky to have a roof over their head.