Can I buy a small flat in Berlin with 30 000 Euros

Hi all,

I am 29 and I don't want to spend the rest of life in my Country (Algeria).

I have been to the UK and to France so I know the difference.
Berlin is a great city and very cheap compared to London and Paris, so I really want to move to this capital.

The problem is that I can't get a job offer there even with a very good CV because I don't have an EU passport and can't do onsite interviews :mad:

So I thought, why not buy a small flat so I can get a job more easily.

I have only 30 000 Euros, but if I sell my flat here I can get more than 100 000 Euros but I am afraid to do it :rolleyes:

What do you think of this idea ?

Please give me websites with real prices, not auction prices starting from 10 000 Euros.

Cheers :P

Try Housing Berlin


Having a flat in Germany does NOT help you finding a job or getting a work permit.
You could buy it as an investment, or to live there yourself and save rent.
€30k is not enough for a whole flat, even a cheap one. It is enough as downpayment, if you get the remainder as loan from a bank - but banks give loans only to people with a job in Germany.


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Beppi is right. Even a tiny 30 to 35 square meter, very basic apartment will likely cost in the 100,000 Euro range. You are at least  20 years too late for finding such deals in Berlin. And buying property is allowed for foreigners but doesn't get you permission to immigrate or work, which is difficult for a non-EU person.

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