What do you think of this location?

Hi everybody,

I'll be moving to Berlin in September and will be living there for at least a year. I'm looking for WGs right now, and I have found one that seems decent, my only problem is; I'm not sure if its location is all right. It's said to be in Seestrasse 49, Berlin Mitte (right next to U6 stop Seestraße).

My no. 1 choice for a district - based on what I've heard so far - would have been Friedrichshain or Prenzlauerberg, and I'm not too sure about this part of Mitte. Sadly, I don't have the chance to take a look at the place before booking it. Do you guys know anything about the area? You'd help me out greatly.

Additional info: I'm 18 and I'm planning on spending several nights of the week out partying, so I'd really appreciate it if there were multiple bars and clubs in walking distance. However, I also don't want the place to be a mess, since being a girl I'd feel safer living in an area where it's not as "dangerous" at night (like some parts of Kreuzberg I believe to be).

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind answers!

Hey you,
I totally understand your problem, but I think none of us could really tell you if it's a bad or good part of the city. Cuz I personally don't like the seestrasse at all cause it's kind of a "Turkish pll" district. But on the other hand a friend of mine she really loves it there.
Also u won't ve any problem to find places in Berlin to party at any time. Berlin is one of the city's which never sleeps.
We Germans got a saying :"aussen pfui, innen hui.", it kind of means like it might look awful from the outside but the inside it's the most gorgeous thing u ve ever seen. The seestrasse isn't the most beautiful part of Berlin at all but u never know how the apartments look.
I'm sorry that I couldn't really help u but I hope it might calm u a little.


i live in Berlin, and i will support you to choice Prenzlaur Berg !! if you would like to know why send me message ok :)



The area you are talking about is not bad at all. Friedrichshain Would be maybe a little better for Partying But everything is Easy to reach in Berlin and defenitly from mitte!,

Good luck and if you Have any questions, let je know

I don't know any idea about this, I did not go there.