Housing and general life advice for any 'New Berliners'!

Having just moved to Berlin from London 6 months ago, I am fully aware of the troubles and strife that is caused when having to relocate to another country..

If anyone has any questions about where to look for apartments, how to fill out any annoying forms, or just tips for getting about/living in the city in general, then just get in touch with ANY of the questions you have! Also if you are moving to anywhere in Europe I have friends dotted about the place to I can try to help with other European city questions!

I have most probably had to face the same ordeals, and look forward to chatting with other newbies of the Berlin scene.

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Hi! I'm traveling to berlin in a week and am trying to find a good hostel near kreuzberg. Any advice would be lovely.

Thank you!!

Hey man! Will be moving there within the next 12-15months, for a period of 90 days(free visa for us aussies) whilst I sort out work stuff there! Any advice would be appreciated :)

Hi! I know it's been awhile since this post has had any comments but thought I'd try.

Do you have any recommendations for brokers to help in finding an apartment to rent? I've been here 3 months with no luck and have been using the usual apartment search sites (ImmobilienScout, CraigsList, etc). I've been to countless apartment viewings and submitted many applications that have all been rejected so far. I'm currently living in temporary accommodation but can't keep moving from place to place as this is jeopardizing my job prospects. I feel like my situation is more difficult because I don't want to be in a WG, but I have all of the proper papers for application and maybe it would be easier with a broker who understands what I want and can help me find it more easily?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I am no genius in this matter, but might it be worth googling? :/

Thanks for your reply! I guess I was hoping for recommendations because I've tried Google and Yelp.  There are some brokers listed on Yelp but not with very good reviews. I tried contacting them regardless and didn't hear back from one! And this was back in the beginning of the year.

Karis_C: I recommend you wait with your apartment search until after you have a job and can thus prove a regular income sufficient to pay the rent. It would be MUCH easier to get positive replies from potential landlords with it. No broker/property agent would be able to change that.

Hi beppi,

Thanks for your reply and advice! Proving income is actually not a problem. I do freelance work and am making money, just not through the means that I originally wanted to. I can't do the work I studied for and have done for decades until I am settled in one place yet. I also have a good bank record and SCHUFA, which is also not a problem.

Then what is the reason you get rejections?
A property agent is an (expensive) way to find more rental ads, he/she will not influence the landlord whether to accept you or not.

I wish I knew! I guess there is just too much competition for what we are looking for. I feel like if we look for more expensive options (>€2,000) we might have a better chance, but financially this will be stretching!