Missed the deadline for the TB tests

Hi everyone,
I hope you are well.
I have recently been reminded that I was suposed to take the TB test and completely forgot to do so. It's been extremely overwhelming having moved to a different country and now having discovered that we missed one of the requirements :(

1. I have now scheduled an appointment to do so via the IND referal agreement. After having been here for more than a year, is this still the proper process to follow as if you are doing the test within the 3 month period?
2. I have not received any official letter about the missed TB test and I have seen someone on here reporting that they have.
3. I have asked and it seems people are getting letters from the GGD after having arrived here with a scheduled appointment, does anyone know why some people have been getting reminder/appointment letters and some not?
4. We moved here from the UK after having lived there for a year and we had a 3 year residency permit and it states as one of the conditions that would exempt you from taking the test is
> You have an EU residence permit for long-term resident issued by another EU country or are a family
member and were already admitted to another EU country as a family member of the long-term resident.

Does this apply to us?

Thank you!

Why couldn't you just take the TB test? It's mandatory they can kick you out now. Just go take the test if you want to stay.