Hallo to everyone,
my name is Claudia,I leaved the Netherland,my house and my lovely work in April,now Im in Tenerife and Im making a plain to comeback in December,I need to find a place for the first month,befor start to work again.Someone have a place free or any contact for me?I need it in Den Haag if is possible,or near.

Sorry  I can help only in Amsterdam

Welcome on board Claudia  :cheers:

You can always search in the housing section in the green banner above the page and post a free add as well.
This can help you.

Good luck!

Hallo  Claudia, my name is Masoud, I Would like to help you,
you can call me on this number (0031)06-446-43210

For your own safety do not post personal information on a public forum. It can harm your more than good.

If you have information you can share it here so others can have the benefits as well.