Retiring in the Netherlands

I would love to retire in the Netherlands from the US and was wondering if anybody knew how an American couple would go about doing so?  Is it even possible, and if so, is it affordable and what are the main pitfalls to doing so? Do you have to be making so much money per month, or don't they even WANT American retirees moving there???  I would love to move to Europe and Netherlands is one of my top four choices (France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, in any order, is my wish list).  Hard to find info on the web! Thanks so much for your help!  Judy

Hi ActionMgt,

You can start to read the sticky thread "New to Holland".

It can help you.

@ ActionMgt--> here is the link :


Karen :)

Hi Judy, this ic COTIS, did you ever get a reply to your question? I'm also looking for information about this but have not found any