Avoid Tipker Euromovers


We contracted Tipker Euromovers to move our home belongings to Leiden when we moved recently from the UK. We had a terrible experience with Tipker, enough to warrant leaving a review as a warning to others.

We arranged with Tipker that they would deliver our consignment on Monday between 2 and 4pm. Both I and my partner took time off work in order to be at home to meet the delivery team. When on Monday at 4pm Tipker had still not arrived, we called them to find out what was happening. We were told then by Tipker that the delivery would now be between 4 and 5pm instead (not that they thought to tell us this, leaving us sitting at home for nothing).

Again we waited at home, and no sign of the delivery. We continued to wait until 10pm, when it was obvious there would be no delivery.

Still nothing from Tipker to explain themselves, We had to call them the next day (Tuesday) to find out what had happened (again they didn't bother to contact us themselves).

After getting no help from Tipker's 'customer service' assistant, Tim, I spoke to the owner, who blamed the failure to deliver on everybody but his own company, which we had contracted to do the job.

He blamed us (telling us that they had tried to make the delivery at 2pm/4pm/7.30pm/9pm - the story changed every time) - yet we had literally waited for the doorbell to ring all day. We asked him why, if the delivery team (subcontracted, by the way) had indeed tried to deliver, they had not rung the doorbell, or called us on our telephone.

He also blamed his subcontracted delivery people, saying they must have had the incorrect address and telephone number. It didn't seem to occur to him that, if this were indeed true, it was Tipker's responsibility to ensure they had the correct address and telephone number.

At this point, seeing that this was getting us nowhere, I tried to arrange for them to deliver that day (Tuesday), since by now I had taken my second day off work to wait for them and didn't want to waste a third. Now the boss at Tipker became hysterical, telling me that we should go to collect our things from the depot in Eindhoven ourselves.

When he had calmed down, I agreed to take the delivery on Wednesday instead. We agreed 5.30pm.

Wednesday morning, and we get a call from another Tipker subcontractor, in a state of confusion, who had been sent to the depot in Eindhoven to collect our things, but was calling us (not Tipker) to ask where he could find them in the warehouse!

Despite Tipker's promise to deliver at 5.30, this subcontractor told us he'd be with us 'later today sometime... or tomorrow'.

Finally our delivery team (actually just one man) arrived, two days late, and not at the agreed time... then refused point blank to carry our boxes beyond the street entrance to our block (we are on the second floor, with no lift)! He watched me struggle up the stairs with them myself instead.

Just when I thought they couldn't be any worse. Tipker, you've set a new standard in anti-customer service.

We've now lost 3 days of holiday to waiting around for Tipker to deliver. We have had to chase them every time to find out what is happening, and have found them rude, unprofessional and totally unapologetic.

So, if you are looking for a company that respects your time, respects you as a customer, and will take responsibility to fix things when it makes a mistake - avoid Tipker at all costs.

I hope this report is of some use.


good information, thanks ;-)

If you ever have to move again, I highly recommend Voerman. They arranged our move from the Netherlands to the USA. They packed everything, arranged customs etc, delivered in time in the USA and they also unpacked everything!!!
Nothing was broken or damaged! we will use them again when we move back to the Netherlands!