How's it working for Wipro in Amsterdam?

My wife has a job offer for wipro in amsterdam, but i've read tons and tons of bad things about wipro, it's hard to find europe content, mainly about india, but i don't know if this applies to this Europe site.

We would leave portugal, me, her, and the baby, to take this opportunity, but we are afraid that this is a move that will kill her career if the company is as it's writen in lots of places by lots of people.

Does anyone has any helpful information?

thank you.

Hi Cachirro,

Welcome on board to this site.

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but I found this site:

I hope that it gives more inside information.

Thanks Primadonna, i already had that site, thanks anyway, and lots of other inputs from reviews sites.

But, i was looking for opinions from people in the Netherlands, preferably in Amsterdam about their opinion of the company, if those problems we can read online are only in the Indian based sites, and if the NL based sites are completely different in mentality and professionalism.

If you google Wipro on the Dutch version you will get only contact information, so I think this company is not well known in the Netherlands.

ok, it works that way :P
thanks for helping.