Considering moving to the Netherlands

Hey all,

In July 2013 I went to the Netherlands as an au pair for a year and I returned back to South Africa 5 months ago. (I am currently in Belgium for a year.) Ever since I left the Netherlands I have been considering moving there. I speak Dutch fairly good (English and Afrikaans very well).

I am just a bit unsure as to how I should go about on proceeding with everything. What type of visa should I get myself? How do you get a job without being there to see the place and knowing it's not a scam? (Apologies for this question, but I have heard a lot of horror stories.)

I am lucky to say I have quite a few friends living in the Netherlands and neighboring countries for in case things goes south.

Any advice will be welcome. I have absolutely no idea as to how I should do all this. I have never owned my own place yet, so I don't know what to look for etc.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Any info about visa, permits et cetera I advise  you to read the sticky topic "New to Holland" which have some useful links to help you further.

You know when its scam if you have to pay for something that is not necessary, like paying for subscription to a website, paying fees for a working permit. If you have ever doubt about something, you can always ask here so we can take a look of it.

You said that you have several friends in the Netherlands and neighbor countries, maybe they are able so assist you?

Also you can browse though several topics on this forum and if you cant find what you are looking for , you can always open a new thread.

Happy searching!