Moving in Netherland or Not?

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I am new on this forum and i hope i can find more information from this forum. I have a Dutch bf, been together for 7.5 years (he is here every 3 months and stays maximum 3 months and twice a year). Before, i really wanna move to Netherland, we were even arguing each other because he already likes his set-up (live in Phils max of 3 months per visit in twice a year).
After my graduation in college, passed the board exam, work as a company head nurse on the same year for about 2 years plus. I decided to resign because my Dutch bf offered me a tourist visa.So, i went to Netherlands for 3 months, visit some place already in europe like belgium, germany and to my sister in Denmark. Though, i have been travelling in some other place, my whole duration mostly in Netherlands. Yeah, i appreciate the place, its building structures etc. but i was a little depressed when i was there maybe because i find it very different, its different from where i used to be. And so, after 3 months of expiration of tourist visa, i went back home in the Philippines and started my work as human resource officer for almost 3 years until now.

Recently my Dutch bf is now open for MVV visa for my permanent stay in Netherland but i am confuse if i gonna go for it or not? I have nice job in the Philippines already, salary is also competitive. I was thinking on what will be my future in Netherland if im gonna move there? I am not fluent in Dutch, i know its difficult for me to find a better job.

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I suggest you to go through the Netherlands forum, this might help you get more information and get a better idea.



Hi mooi30!

you have to consider many things when moving abroad, unfortunately it's not just finding a job. There's the cultural shock, there's the change of weather and habits; I advise that you take this decision after thinking it through. For example, you must be motivated to approach the first hard times (might be as well long as 1 year) until you find a comfortable lifestyle.

I don't want to demotivate you, but please keep in mind that it must not be strangers telling you what to do. You'll find the answer inside yourself, and as always there's luck involved in this type of choices. If you really want to move I'd start to scan for available positions that you can cover, make a few interviews and perhaps choose afterwards.

Thank you so much for your advise. I'll think about it 100x before to decide where really I wanna be.



Hi Jovie,

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It is a very difficult question to ask so strangers what you have to do. Like Stam85 said, it is not only the job searching or learning a new language.
Moving to another country is always difficult and in your case you need support from your boyfriend.
The main question should be: is he worth it to leave my country and to give up everything what I have in my country to be with him?

If you have questions or what so ever, feel free to share and this forum is a wonderful start to begin with.
Don't stick only to this side of the forum (the Netherlands) but go trough to all or some parts of the world or to the main page.
You will see that many people like you have the same questions and doubts and the difficulties to live in another country.

All the best!

Hi Primadonna,

Thanks for your reply on my post..yeah, you're right there are many things to consider in moving to another non-english speaking country if you are a career woman like me.

I am clouded with a lot of thoughts because if i decided to stay in the Philippines, I'm gonna take my master's degree or if i'm gonna move to Netherland master degree will not yet pursue and language learning will be my focus. But i have heard that unemployed in Netherland is getting high so it will be a big challenge for me to be employ in non-english foreign land.

If an career is very important for you then why don't you focus on your master in the Philippines?
Before you start you can find out if your master degree will be accept by the Dutch government so your changes for a job is bigger.
You can contact the IBG Group in Groningen.

Yeah, thank you so much for the information.

Have a good day.


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Hi kamil kouni,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Shared accommodation in the Netherlands section, this might be helpful. :)

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thanks david relli  thanks