Dependent visa process (for wife and son) as efficiently as possible?

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I am a UK national and have accepted an offer to work in Jeddah - my work permit is almost complete. I am currently in London but understand that I need to travel to Jeddah to convert this work permit into a full Iqama (within 90 days of issuance - no problem).

My question is - how can I get my wife and son over (as dependents) as quickly and efficiently as possible? I have spoken to many people and seen what this forum and other sites have to offer, but am struggling to find a clear process:

Some people say I need my UK marriage certificate and my son's birth certificate to be attested and translated into arabic from the UK - my visa agent who is handling my iqama says these docs don't need to be attested as they are official UK documents. Other people say I need to sort myself out first with Iqama, and then speak to my employer who will arrange everything. Some people say that I need to go to a place called istikdam once I have my iqama and jump through several hoops.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information - could anyone clarify what the dependent visa process it? Advice on how to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible would be much appreciated!

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