Is it possible to renew my driving license on visit visa?

Hey, I was born and brought up in Riyadh, but i had to leave to India for my higher educations after i finished my schooling.
Unfortunately, i had to come on an exit (my family still lives in Riyadh). But i have a visit visa and i visit riyadh in my Summer vacations. However, i still have my valid driving license so i have 2 questions :

1. Am i allowed to drive cus i have my license valid (but no iqama? )
2. Can i have it renewed cus it expires like next year or so.

Please help me out here, im gonna go back to riyadh in a few days and i dont want to drive around illegal thinking its legal.

First, you need to post this in the Saudi forums.  Your post is in the Bahrain forums.

1) You can drive on it but on a visit visa, you can even drive on your international driving license
2) No

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