Accommodation in Oman: scams you should look out for


Committing to renting or buying accommodation when you’re new to or have not moved to Oman just yet is always a stressful endeavour. Would you like to help us in putting together a handbook of what to look out for when house hunting in Oman?

What are the most common scams in Oman?

What are the red flags to look out for when scanning through adverts?

Is there a list of registered or accredited landlords or real estate agencies in Oman?

What authorities should be sought should one come across an accommodation scam?

Please share your experience,


Hi bhavna I am living salalah Oman  .I don't know rest of  Oman. But is good stress free you can rent through state agent like here in salalah . ALSAKEENA.   ALJOHRA. these two is topmost in salalah. If you any assistance  you call me on ****

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My advice is with Law of Attraction in mind as always. If you focus your thoughts and expectations on the negative this is the road you will take. So put Scams out of your mind and put into your mind all the honest and reliable people and situations that you wish to encounter, and only they will come your way. It’s up to you what and whom you attract into your experience. Right????

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