Penalty from Landlord on non renewal of contract

Hi All,
I am having an annual rent contract for my flat which expires on 15th July. I informed my landlord that my company has asked me to leave so I will be completing the contract and will leave Oman.
I have been staying in the same flat for 6 years and will not be able to renew the contract.
the Landlord is saying I had to give 90 days notice which is not served, so it is breach of contract and I should pay one month rent as penalty. I am discussing it with them.

Is it correct? has anybody any prior similar experience or advise.
Thank you.

Hi mayanksharmaca,

With hordes of expatriates leaving Oman for good, lately, there is a serious gap in the demand and supply of residential properties for rent.

There are far too many places available for rent with hardly anybody available to rent out those properties. The landlords and house owners have been forced to slash their house rents even. This has led to the house owners and landlords facing a lot of stress brought about by the loss of easy income.

Read through your rental agreement to see what the exit terms you and your house owner have agreed on.

Also, since you have been a tenant for long enough, have a quiet word with your landlord and request that you may be spared any penalties.

Thank you Sumitran for your reply, I completely agree with you.
The additional agreement with landlord states 90 days notice, as it is in Municipality agreement as well.
I am trying to convince the owner that it should be enforced for leaving before maturity, since I am completing the contract and considering long stay, there should not be any penalty.

Thanks & Regards

Hi mayanksharmaca,

You do have a couple of valid points there ... go for it !

Good luck !

Thank you..

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