VFS Tasheel Wafi mall

Hello. I had appointment last Thursday 02/05/2019 at 4:30 pm. When i went there they said system is down and told me to book new appointment date. My visa category is Family visit and i need it urgently by this week.

My question is can I go directly on Sunday 5th May y before it open 9 am for walk in?? Any one had any experience like this? Will they accept?
They re-booked my appointment on 8th May but i cant wait till then.

Because on their website it says

"It is advisable to schedule an appointment on "
the website in order to avoid waiting time at the Visa Service Center due to limited slots available for walk-in applicants. There are however no limitations for walk-in customers at the Lounge, provided the maximum capacity for the lounge is not reached.

The slot limits vary across countries/regions and are based on the directions provided from time to time from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

You can go through the premium lounge.  They entertain walk-ins but you have to pay a fee.  Don't remember how much it is.

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