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My wife and myself (along with a couple of dogs) are in the process of moving to Puerto Rico and have been trying to decide between the nice gated communities of Dorado and the beach community of Rincon. The problem is that we are struggling to find how to find properties to look at in Rincon. Does anyone know of the best places to look online, real estate agents to contact etc? We have checked point2homes, zillow, Craigslist etc but they don’t have too much and we keep thinking there must be more options but we just aren’t looking in right places.
Ideally we are looking for a detached place which allows dogs but we are open to looking at our options. Any advice would be helpful.

On side note if anyone has any advise for where to find resources for Dorado as well that would be appreciated. Although we seem to have had an easier time locating options in Dorado compared to Rincon

For the Rincon area Google,  Island West Properties or Tropical Coast Properties for their websites.  They each have featured listings or you can sign up to get updates. 

If you havent done do already, join the Friends of Rincon Facebook page.  There are usually posts there of available properties in the Rincon, Aguada, AAñasco area.

The best place online to find properties in PR is

Not everyone list properties anywhere, most times the just put a sign up on the property.

Drive around the comunity you like and look for "Se Vende" or "Se Alquilla" (For Sale and For Rent).

I DO NOT recommend buying inmediatly, instead people should rent for 6 months to a year and get to know the communities before throwing away money purchasing a property in the wrong place.

We recently drove around Dorado.  Seems like a nice area.  Some very upscale property located there.  The big fancy hotel/gated compounds won’t let you in to look around, the guard told me you must have an appointment with a agent to get in.

The public beach area is nice with sheltered coves and palms.  We plan to go back and check out the exclusive gated property just to see how the wealthy gringos do it.  😎

I think the life in those gated communities is a little too isolated for my taste, but some like it and Dorado is a short drive to the airport. Also, some nice restaurants and shops in the town.

Thank you all for the replies. We are actively looking and reaching out to people. Hopefully we will find something soon after we arrive later this week

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