Building Permits in Puerto Rico

We have purchased land near Aguada on the beach.  We have received a bid for building a home from a local company.  The bid includes

Schematic Design architectural            $5,950
Construction Documents                       $4,462
Construction Contract Admin               $1,4875
Initial Payment                                         $2,975
  WIth Tax TOTAL                                 $15,470

Submissions of construction Permits          $5,950
Geotechnical Exploration and Study            $2,600
Topography Survey Plan                               $1,750

I am wondering if these numbers seem reasonable for building in Puerto Rico.  I have read some of the other forum questions about PR and I have seen $4,000 as the building permit fee. 

Thanks for the help.

Hi, sounds to me that your contractor is charging you way hight. We built our house and all the plans, permits and insurance was aproximate $4500. My recommendation is to check with several contractors before committing to someone. Try to find a deliniante in your area, he will design your plans and have all the conections to get the permits. Get the ARPE insurance yourself, this way if you have to fire a contractor the insurance is yours not the contractor.

My numbers:

Plans design: $1800 (this included ARPE approval)
Permits: $1000 (build, construction and move in)
ARPE insurance: $1500 (Fondo Seguro Construction)
CRIM: $200 (municipal permit)

This was for everything including submitting all the documents by the delineante and all the architect approvals.

The only 2 documents we personally did was the insurance (fondo del seguro, workers comp insurance) and the CRIM.

The fees are based on the estimated house value, our house was valued at approximately $100K. The folks at ARPE will determine the value based on the plans submitted. This usually is lower than the actual value of your finish house( ours appraised at almost double).

Hope this helps, send me a PM if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the information

You seem to be getting Gringo tourist prices!

Hello ADLIN20

I would like to speak with you if possible as I'm just starting the permit process in Aguadilla
What is the best way to contact you?

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