Spass Rejected does EPonline update if company appealed


My work has applied an Spass for me and I don't know the FIN. It had been 3 weeks. This week I was able to get my application number and check EPonline, surprisingly my application said rejected.

Last week I followed up the HR agency and she said "MOM requested additional documents from your company, no additional documents from you". She didn't mention anything about rejection cos I have a feeling that my employer doesn't want me to know about it cos they are trying to make an appeal. (hopefully) On the same day that I saw the rejected status my employer also sent me that they are working on my application. She also didn't mention anything about rejection.

I'm not sure if my questions were answered already but I tried browsing but can't seem to find some same questions.

Here are my questions:
1. Does EPonline update the status if hr agency filed an appeal? Mine still says rejected (Spass)
2. If the reason for rejection is lack of company documents is it easier and faster to get that approved vs the candidate is not eligible? Or there are still chances that it wont get approved even if company sends the documents needed?
3. Is there anything I can do to help strengthen my application without my employer knowing?
4. What are the chances that my pass will get approved? I have 4 years Marketing experience from the Philippines, Bachelor Degree. SAT says I'm only eligible for Spass.

It seems you don’t know how to check online. These questions are discussed & answered many times. Next time start spending time on open threads.

To answer in short, see my response:

1. Online status will change only, if appeal is successful, or else it will show rejected.
2. What was the reason for rejection, only your employer knows as they have received reject mail or letter or both with reason (may not be in details but enough evidence what could be the possible reason).
3. You are not the person who applied your work pass, so you can’t do anything other than discussing with your employer and resolve the rejection issue.
4. Chances are not looking good as your employer has to provide rationale to MoM that why they are hiring a foreigner for this position. How does your skills set give advantage over locals.

Good luck

Hello thanks for your response.

It has been a week and my ep online still says rejected, I'm not sure if it's the first rejection or the appeal rejection. Is there anyway I could know without having to ask my employer? (as they might get annoyed if I keep following up)

Can I call MOM for status?

It’s always better to check with your employer. If they don’t respond then last option should be reaching out MoM.

If I call MOM to ask for an update on my working pass will my employer know that I called them?

Don’t Guess too many things here. You should ask your employer for the status and if you are worried that they will feel bad then call MoM with your credentials for the status.

By right, your employer has responsibilities to inform the employee, not MoM.

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