VAT number and reporting for Portuguese corporation


I have a Portuguese company and would like to sell on eBay in Germany.

I have the following questions:

Do I need an accountant to obtain a VAT number?
If not, can someone provide a link for registration?
How often must I report VAT?  (Gross revenue ~3-4K/month, normal VAT rate - 19%)
Must I hire an accountant for the periodic reports?  How often must I report?
Can I pay the VAT due from a foreign account or will I need a German account

I can read German perfectly and my husband is a native German speaker (Swiss) so the language is not a factor.

I doubt that you will find good advice about these legal issues on an Internet forum - thus I strongly recommend you engage a good lawyer and accountant, if you cannot figure these things out by reading (publicly available, but not easy to understand) rules and regulations.

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