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I have iqama valid for my family till Sept 2019 and exit 're entry till May 22 family will visit before expiry of exit re entry..than I need to take final exit for my one daughter.after than I need to renewal my other family member iqama. so  how many days daughter can stay at ksa after issue final exit and after final exit of one daughter  how many days can I do process for  renewal of others iqama.
after renewal iqama my family also travel.back so its possible than they all go gether same day travel ?

dear as per my knowledge, once your family is here, you can apply for final exit for any one of theirs iqama until sept 2019 (the last date of iqama validity). After which whose iqama has been issued final exit, they can stay here for 60 days further, but you need to mind that your iqama along with other members of your family would only be re-newed when the final exit has been completed, that after when your daughter leaves the kindgom, other iqamas can be re-newed., so what i see is that you can apply for her final exit after whenever she comes, coz she has 60 days to stay here further,  (i would really suggest that you do it the day she comes here if she dosnt plan to stay for more than 60 days, coz you have to pay the dependent fees for those extra 2 months if you apply for final at the ending of the iqama, suppose if your daughter iqama expires on 22 sept and you apply final on 22 july, you might not have to pay anything as its already paid last year, but if you apply final on 23rd july you have to pay some amount, and that would increase day by day).

and as when your daughter leaves the kingdom , i guess you could re-new all other iqamas the next day. As absher is updated very quickly.

and i am afraid, your daughter with final would have to travel without your family, whose iqamas are pending re-newal. I hope everything is clear, otherwise pm me if any clarity is needed.

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