COC for US vehicle

I love my 2014 Toyota Prius. Buying the same in PT would cost far more than I paid new in  US 2014.
Is there a way to get a Portuguese Certificate of Compliance for this vehicle? If the cost is less than 10,000 Euros I would be ahead, and would not need to worry about history (maintenance, smoke-free, ,,,) of a replacement.


I would like to know too.  North American cars are so much cheaper even with the shipping

Don't bother with a web search. All the answers are for cars from EU

Your biggest single problem will be lights.  Even if the car has separate amber turn indicators which the likes of Cadillac don't, the problem will be the headlights and how they dip from main beam.  European car headlights dip to the right (except in the UK, which dip to the left). US car lights just dip centrally.  If the car was also marketed in the EU the lights can be changed, if not it's a much bigger (and possibly expensive) problem.  Though there is a guy in Benidorm who can probably modify them and fix all the lighting issues.  I believe he's the only person in Europe doing it.  It was worth the trip and the nights in the hotel for us to do it!  There's also the option of taking the offending lights out and sending them to him.

Also consider, there will be VAT and possibly import duty to pay.  And the biggy,  unless you owned the car in the US and were resident in the US for six months prior to bringing it to Portugal and you apply for exemption within 12 months (previously 6) of bringing it here you will have to pay registration tax (which is one of the main reasons Portuguese cars are so expensive) which may wipe out the savings anyway.

All of the other stuff you find on the net about how to import a car from another EU state also applies.

With determination and patience it can all be done.

Thank you for the information on importing a car into Portugal.   I've owned the car for over 3 years so owning the car for over 6 months is not an issue.  The second problem will be finding a mechanic to work on the car.   I will check out buying a car in Portugal.   Alternatively, I may look at other EU countries for a car.  Have you heard about import problems from other EU countries?

Many of the rules remain the same.  No IVA to pay, but to avoid registration tax  you will have to have lived in the country you are importing from and owned the car there for at least six months.  The tax exemption is to allow people moving to Portugal to bring their existing vehicle with them.  It's aimed at being a one time thing, so they're keen to make sure there are no loop holes.  There's a really good description of the process in English on the UK Foreign Office web site. 

See: … y_2018.pdf

Bringing a car in from outside the EU bring additional hoops to jump through (as discussed  above) + the lack of an EU homologation certificate - though this can be overcome at a price.

Finding a mechanic to work on a Toyota Prius will be the very least of your problems.

Thank you for the useful information. Since I have quite a few months I will pursue bringing the car up to spec. I will be exempt from the IVA. Even with shipping and a couple of thousand euros to change specs, I would be ahead. Buying a Prius of similar age (2014) and mileage (65000km) in Portugal would cost about as much a new Prius in the US. Also, with this car I know the history - no smokers ever, scrupulous maintenance,  etc. Buying a used vehicle in Portugal (or elsewhere) would not guarantee this kind of history.


Please give me the contact information for the conversion expert in Benidorm.
I would like to contact him well in advance of shipping the car.


Did you get details?  They have disappeared from the thread.  Let me know and I can sent them again.

PS  Just passed the importation inspection today.  Getting very close now!

I never saw the information on the forum despite subscribing. THANKS.

Hi EricPret. How did the experience go? we are in similar situation. Thinking about bringing our car with us from north america to Spain. Tx!

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Please note that this is the Portugal forum. I would advise you to start a new thread on the Spain forum to ask your question.

This way, you can talk to members who probably did the same process to bring their car.

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Thanks Cheryl!

@TheBarryB thank you for your information.

I would like to learn about bringing my 2013 Prius to Portugal.

Could you please point somebody that can give me information of the different options.?

Could you tell me how to find the Benidorm guy to get the headlights approved for Portugal or EC.

Thank you in advance.!