Student Visa Fees

Hey everyone,

I have been in Nepal for a couple months and I am trying to get a student visa for my family and myself. I will be applying to Kathmandu University of Arts and I will get a Non Academic Student Visa.

The Nepali Department of Immigration's website says that a Non Academic Student Visa is $50/month. Does that mean that I will have to pay $200/month (my wife, my two year old son, my 8 month old daughter and myself) only on visa fees? Are dependable visa fees any cheaper? Do children under 10 get gratis visas like they do for tourist visas?

Does anyone has experience with any of this?

Thank you!

Just in case any of you need this information later on...

We got our student visas on Friday. Well, my wife got student visa and my kids and I got dependent visa.

American citizens only have to pay $360 / 5 year.
EU citizens (which is my case) have to pay $660 / 1 year.
There is no gratis visa for children under 10, they also have to pay.

In other words, extremely cheap for Americans and not so cheap for non-Americans.

Hope this is useful.

There might be arrival visa required or anything but before getting admission you can go to and book ticket and visit the college, if like the much college then get addmission.

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