Visiting Nepal on Refugee travel Document.

I am really interested in visiting Nepal. I am indian citizen but now have an American Green card and a refugee travel Document. I want to know if I can come to Nepal with this document and get a 90 day Tourist Visa at the airport in Kathmandu. I have been told I cant but I am not sure what the real story is.

Also what is a sponsor from nepal and how can I get one. Any information on the above would be very great.


Are you serious in asking this, or just trolling?

You are the bearer of a 'Refugee Travel Document', and you don't know which counties are party to the Convention (1951) or Protocol (1967) from which your Refugee Travel Document stems?

Well, I have news for you then: NOT Nepal - Nepal does not recognize the 'Refugee Travel Document' as a valid travel document.

I also have some advise for you; read up on the treaty which allows you to travel on your 'Refugee Travel Document' - it seems relevant to your situation:
In Annex 4 you will find a list of countries who recognize your travel document. Nepal is not on that list.