EP rejected - anyone got successful appeal?

My EP got rejected because there was a different in salary range in job bank ads with my EP salary. MOM asked HR to re open the job ads and appeal for my application.
Anyone got successful appealing before?


if it makes you feel better I am going through this process as well. So after 14days of job reposting, HR of new employer appealed and I am reaching the three week mark on Monday. HR tried to contact MOM last week but was advised to wait until three weeks (that's what the website said!). so nothing we could do really but to wait.

I will keep you posted if we get word from MOM next week, fingers crossed approved.


So, total of 5 weeks waiting time for your case?

Yes, the process requires a minimum of five weeks.

-14 calendar days for reposting
-appeal a day after 14days
-wait for three weeks


re-posting job ads for 2 weeks is must?

My HR just re-opened the job ads and submitted the appeal form. I'm not sure why they did like that.

Finger crossed.

Yes, it is a must. please check the MOM website. if anything changed from original posting in the jobs bank (ie salary range, which they corrected), they have to repost for at least 14 calendar days. only after doing so and assuming that no local Singaporean has applied and is qualified can they appeal on your rejected EP application.

Best thing is to re-apply without appealing the rejected application. Of course you need to wait 14days after posting your job in Singapore job bank.


same employer applied EP for the same job scope and jobs bank ID?

as promised will give an update on my case.

today EP appeal got approved  EXACTLY three weeks from the date of the appeal. the reason for initial rejection was salary offered was beyond the range declared in the jobs bank.

-14 days jobs bank re-post with new range
-appeal a day after 14day reposting
-three weeks wait time to approval of appeal

so guys, I think just trust the process if it's a jobs posting issue and nothing else such as qualification, salary, and company profile. It is at best, a five week wait.

That's nice to hear. Good luck..!!

My HR applied new application and it was approved after 2 weeks.

I was also rejected with the same reason, but only 100SGD higher than the range, and the HR just reduced 100 and appeal last Thursday, still waiting for the outcome. :(

You apply a new one not appeal?

I am in the same boat, my EP got rejected due to Jobs bank posting issue. My company reposted corrected posting for 14 days and then applied for a new EP last week.
Status is still pending and waiting for approval

My HR didnt reposted but adjust my salary to the range, not sure whether it can get approved or not.

Hi Skykes

How much did it take for approval post re-application? And how much time did it take for initial rejection?

3 weeks.

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