What universities in italy(milan & rome) have many Filipino students?

hi guys..i just wanna ask if what universities/schools in italy(particularly in milan and rome) have many filipino students? i will be going to italy this coming august because my mom will petition me and i want to study in a university with filipino students for me to adjust easily and to have filipino friends there as well. i hope you can help:)) thank you in advance;) God bless..

whats ur major ?...maybe i would help u with some information ...cause i have a plan which is near to urs

hi mexicano-ragazzo:) thanks for your reply..i'm actually an incoming 4th year college student here in the philippines.. i'm taking up bachelor of science in nursing..i'm planning to continue my college in italy and i'm looking for nursing schools that will accept foreign students like me who is incoming 4th year college. if there's none,i'm willing to study another course/major.. english speaking universities hopefully because i don't speak much italian:))i really don't have any idea..nice meeting you by the way..when will you move to italy? thanks again..God bless:))

listen xavier...i have surfed for u online but i cant find any bachelor or master studies for nursing ...but i have found for u two programs for masters ...the first in rome for health and physical activites for about 1200 euros per year & the second is about International Health Care Management Economics and Policy in milano but it costs about 18,000 euros per year ( too much i know ! ) ...both btw are with english language...i ll be moving isa after 2 or 3 months or smth...i already wish to move asap
good luck

wow thank you very much for your help,i feel blessed thank you...now i finally have an idea...i'm very excited but i still have to wait a few months,,maybe we can meet and hang out in italy if both of us are already there..nice meeting you..if you need help just say so i'l do everything i can to help you:)) God bless:))

u are welcome xavier .... if u need links for these universities u can contact me so that i would send them for u

thank you again..here's my email address--> [email protected]
or you can just copy and paste the links here..we can also be friends in facebook..here's my account on fb--> facebook.com/profile.php?id=1664244134

God bless:))

how about a graduate of marine engineering? I'm already working on board but i feel like studying again abroad... got any suggestion? tnhks

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