Specialisation in orthodontics

Hello! I'm looking for some information about orthodontic specialisation in Italy
mainly in Naples. i would be glad if anybody could help

the orthodontic specialisation school of Naples website appears to be under maintenance by now. As soon it will be online again I suggest you to contact them via email asking about international admission rules

At the University of Parma you see the rules for international applicants. I believe there isn't any meaningful difference from Naples:
http://en.unipr.it/studying/general-adm … quirements

Thank you very much for the information. Btw how much can a dentist earn in Italy?

from the website of a specialistic orthodontic magazine* I read the official and declared income is from 50,000 to 70,000 euro. The latter figure is nearer to the real gain, imho, because in this sector is quite easy and common to hide some of your earnings.

http://www.odontoiatria33.it/cont/pubbl … aliani.asp