Completing a Master's at one of the Italian universities

Hello! My name is Kendra! I am a college student here in San Antonio, TX. Though I am a homebody, I really love traveling and seeing new places. As soon as I have finished my marine science degree I would love to move overseas to establish myself in Italy. I even considered completing a Master's at one of the Italian universities. Any advice or ideas? Thanks!

Hi Kendra,

Welcome to! :)

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If I were you (and this is how I ended up in Italy), is stay there, finish your studies, and then see what is here.

I would even go as far to say get a few years of experience there first.
When you are hired and brought here from the "mighty" USA, you get a pretty handsome paycheck.
Finishing studies in Italy, you are no different from all the other Italians that are here, in fact you lack Italian language skills that these others have.

Me being brought in from overseas, are making about 4 times as much as my fellow colleagues. (Of course my back ground experience always has a jaw dropping effect).. so that helps.

There are just no jobs here for locals...