English speaking nurses in the Czech Republic


I qualify as a nurse in the UK soon and will begin my career by gaining experience in English hospitals. I'm interested in moving to the Czech Republic for a year or so (preferably in Prague) and am wondering if there are any opportunities for nurses who speak English? I am aware that the pay sucks, but I'm not too bothered about that as it's short term and it would just give me the opportunity to live there and not deskill as a nurse while I do so.

Can any nurses give me some insight?

Many thanks :-)

My Czech sister in law is a nurse, working in  Moravia, Czech Republic.
Your main issue won't be a (lot) lower pay, but a huge language barrier.
Prague might be a bit better, but the majority of doctors, nurses and hospital personal will understand only very basic English.
If I go to hospitals, or visit any medical professional, I always need a translator.
They do learn English in school, but most had no practice and are afraid to talk.
You're better off with German, or Russian, especially with older people.
And I haven't mentioned the patients yet, guaranteed the most part will not understand English.
You might look for expat hospitals? But, I'm not sure if there are any?
Maybe not the news you hoped for, but I am sure you will hugely enjoy the Czechs and their country, they're an amazing people.

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