meeting english speaking friends

Hello my name is Mertz Edina I will be moving to Prague on the 2 of may , i m looking forward to meet english speaking friends i dont speak czech but i do speak hungarian romanian and german , i love to go out to pubs , clubs and besides this i m a huge cinema fan
thank you

Hello! In Prague there is a lot of places where expats go and some social networking event - such as ... So if you want to meet people, you can sign up and as soon as you come - Internations have a party every 2 weeks.

A lot of expats go to Riegrovy sady Beergarden or to restaurant Jáma. There is this webpage where you can find a lot of info.

If you like films - there is this group on FB so you can join and explore the culture side of the Czech republic as well.

Or try this side - they arrange movie night every second month (czech movies with english subtitles) - ... there you can meet some people as well :)

Good luck!

Hello my mane is Marcio and I came from Brazil, i also love to go to pubs

Hello Edina ,

I am glad to meet you here . I am Chemical engineer and have a business as technologist in Prague . My Czech is not good too , however , I am Citizen of Czech from last 6 years and I will be pleased to have English speaking friends for exchanging our experiences and some outside meetings .

If you like ,you can contact me via my direct E.mail : mahidczech[at]

Wishing you a happy stay in this nice historic city , Praha .

Hello Edina,

I need an English teacher for my 7 years old daughter.
She has rather fluent speaking skills (she is able to keep up the conversation), and basic reading and writing skills. I want to further develop her English - speaking, writing, reading.
In case you are interested, please, drop me a line.

Hi Edina,
let me know if you want to go out and talk . We can visit some pubs or clubs. I'm english speaking czech guy.  What kind of movies do you like?


Hi Edina,

I would like to meet new friends as well! But I won't be there till December!

Msg me if you want to network/connect :)


Hi this is very good

Hi, i would like to meet english speaking people in prague;) If you wanna go out, write me;).N.


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