Find a job, working with children Yerevan Armenia


I am Chinouk Verbaan,

20 years old.
I used to live in the Netherlands, My boyfriend is a soccer player and we got a New club in Armenia.
So Thats Why we moved to Yerevan.
I have always worked with children at schools or for organisations for children with special needs (adhd/autism).
As You Can understand it is Very hard to find a job in a New country.
But i would love to Work here.

I was hoping that someone here could help me out! Or give me Some information..


Yours sincerely,

Chinouk Verbaan

Hello Chinouk Verbaan,

Welcome to :)

You could start your search by dropping a free advert here: Armenia job ads to showcase your skills and competencies and the qualifications which you may possess for potential employers to have a look at.

Best of luck  :top:


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