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Can anyone tell me if theyhave had any success fishing from the beach either in Punta Cana, Puerto Playa or Samana surrounding area?

I am looking to spend some of my days fishing from the shore but I  was told by a couple of locals, that they believe there are very few fish that could be caught off the beach...if any at all. I am hoping that they are wrong and that perhaps someone here might have a different opinion or experience.

Any information would be great!  Thanks

The only places in DR that I have seen locals fishing off the shore is all along the Malecon in Santo Domingo from the west to the east including alongside Autopista Las Americas. The shoreline here is coral stone with reasonably deep water close to shore. We also quite often read of these fishermen bringing in a big catch including large shark.

It makes sense what locals are telling you. The close to shore shallower waters in areas with reasonable population have been fished heavily and you need to get offshore in boats as the locals do. I recall an article in the local press a year or so back in relation to big depletion of the local fish population. Good deep sea fishing can be found in many places.

Now there is bass fishing in the lakes of DR. A type of bass called trucha is abundant in the largest lake in the Caribbean in the centre of the country, Lago Hatillo. Bass fishing there is being promoted. I tried fishing there a couple of times at the dam near Cotui without luck, but did enjoy eating trucha cooked in a local restaurant!

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