Best universities in Mexico

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Students make up an important part of the expat population. This year again, thousands around the world will be leaving their home country to study abroad. How about giving them a hand by sharing with them information about the best universities in Mexico?

What are the best universities in Mexico ? What makes them the best universities? What are their international ranking?

What are the success rates of these universities?

What are the subjects taught at these universities?

What are the general requirements to get into them?

What are the tuition fees to study at those universities?

When does the academic year begin and end in Mexico ?

What are the specific advantages of studying in these universities (job prospects, internships, internationally recognized degrees…) ?

Please share your experience,



I recommend you narrow your topic.

Mexico is a big country.

There are hundreds of universities here, both public and private.

Maybe narrow the topic once having seen the extent of input.

There are good universities all over Mexico. In my area, there are several for agriculture, history, art, and medicine. It depends on what you want to study. My friend's daughter went to 4 different schools to get her Ph.D. in History.

I visited a couple of the schools and was impressed. But like I said know what you want to study. The extension type schools have some very interesting research projects and the staff are very pleasant, But research and medicine are one of my areas of interest. The art and film schools in Merida, as well as Campeche, are interesting also, but then I minored in those areas so that wouldn't help with schools that teach architecture or physics.

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