New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

I hope you might be doing fine.
I am sure you will be having time to grant me some of it.

The boaring place specially at work
No life

Rania any plans to visit Riyadh?

Hi everyone,i m shahzar from india.Have been here in riyadh since 6 months.seeking for job in mechanical engineering.Do let me know.i would be thankful to u all.

Dear sir,
My name is wasim raza ansari i means to say that i work in restaurant last 15 months whatever my owner promises to me he didn’t Fulfil before hire he speak that i will give you 10 % of sales benefit but one month he didn’t give me even he did give my salary 2000 less 3 months and from 7 months he didn’t give my food allowance i bear everything but end of the day i go ministry of labor i complain against him after that he put absent against me he speak i call police he will catch you he put will put in prison and he will send you india next time you can’t come in Saudi till 5 years i afraid i left his accommodation i am staying outside in hotel but i get consulting message from ministry of labor after 6 months i how it’s possible I don’t have current job I don’t have income I don’t have accommodation how i will survive 6 months i am asking you that i can work another company till the Consulting date is coming If can work another company how can i get permission letter and where i can get this letter thanks

Hi, everyone!

I am moving to Saudi Arabia at the end of the year with my husband (he is already there and has been working in Abha for a few months). I am moving there with our two year old daughter, and I'll be working remotely from the compound there for my job in NYC.

I am wondering if anyone has suggestions about what to bring/ship over? Are there things that are especially difficult to buy there (that are also legal to bring in kingdom)?  I have lived other places where things like duct tape were especially difficult to come by, so I'm wondering if I can prepare in advance for some of those things?

Many thanks in advance, and I'm appreciative that this forum exists!



Shahzaib, where you are working in Jubail?

I am working in Petrochemical plant in Dammam.



Zain, I am working in Petrochemical plant Dammam.

Where are you working ?

Please contact if you need any guidance.


Hi, Good Evening and Assalam u Alakum

My self Sohail Ahmed from Pakistan, Karachi, after spending 13 years in UAE now 2 months before came to KSA Riyadh.

Salam everyone, happy I was able to join this community.
I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia and I moved here to live with my husband, who's an expat in KSA for the past 7 years.
I arrived to Jeddah almost 3 weeks ago and I'm glad and proud to report we are settling nicely in our apartment.
I would love to connect with locals and expats with similar interests, I'm especially begining to miss some "lady company" for coffee and chitchat.
Kind regards ;)

Hi, Am Jerry from Nigeria just start work with Seder group as Project Manager, I will love to meet more people as friends.
Thank you

Hey Bro are you interested in playing football ?

I'm also interested in the same thing , i found very few places where we can visit, all in one place


maybe with some friends of mine we will arrange a day to play soccer, then will let you know !

Hello everyone. I'm Mohamed from Egypt working in Dammam. It would be pleasure to meet new friends and share our thoughts, making some activities of mutual interests

Hello everyone! I'm Clara. I'm an English Teacher in one of the big schools in Dharhan. I wanted to build up network of friends  and to enjoy my stay while working here.  I'm excited to what can offer.

Hello everyone

My name is Yousef. I was born in KSA, Riyadh and I lived all my life here until I had to leave for college. My parents are both Egyptian.

I spend my holidays and whatever time I can here in Riyadh, I love the Kingdom.

I am into fitness, spots , music , reading (big fan of A song of ice and fire I have all books) and I watch movies from time to time. I would love to meet some new people or help anyone here in any way I can.

I am yong sik, eom. I am a korean IT P/E(Professional Engineer) and I got RCDD(Registered Communication Distribution Designer) certificate issuedn by BICSI in USA.

I want a telecom inspector  job in saudi arabia. I want you can help my dream.

Thank you.

From Seoul

Yong Sik, Eom


Hope u doing good Isaac from Uganda and I have been in Saudi Arabia for 6months now.

Hello everybody

My name is Karen.  I currently live and teach in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I received an offer to start work in August 2020.  I have yet to sign the contract as it's a big move and I've had mixed reviews about life in Jeddah.

I am well aware that there is no perfect place and that your experience will depend on how you approach every situation.  This really is the perfect opportunity for me to make my dreams to travel come true.

Are there opportunities and time to travel if  you teach in Jeddah?  And is travelling easily accessible and affordable?

Many thanks

Hi Karen,
What do you mean by traveling while teaching? Do you mean during vacation? Well if so, the semester starts at the beginning of September and end by the end of December. Then start again in end of January and end by the end of April. During each semester, there's one week break in the middle. Traveling from Saudi abroad depends on the season and early flight booking. Also. You need to issue exit-re entry visa which cost around 50 USD (200 SAR). Traveling inside Saudi doesn't require visa and flights are cheaper than abroad or almost the same if there's a peak period. Hotels starts from 200 SAR on average.

Hi Everyone.
Aussie architect here.
I am working in Riyadh for the last month. Previously I have been in Dubai for the last 8 years.

Welcome all

I'm British and been here for 5 months now.

Let me know if you need any advice on relocating from the UK. ...would be nice setting up some socials if you guys have ideas?

Happy new year all.


Hey Jay. Just moved to Jeddah from Southampton. Where are you located?

Hi I am new in Saudi are you still wanting a chat I am always free.

I am a Director in a large company in Riyadh.

If you are still around and want to talk even if it on the phone let me know

KB from UK

Pleased to know that
You can contact me
This is Ahmed from Jeddah

I am in Riyadh working will be moving to Dammam soon

Hey mate,

Located in Riyadh.

How long you been here for?

JayAlam2307 :

Welcome all

I'm British and been here for 5 months now. Living in Riyadh.

Let me know if you need any advice on relocating from the UK. ...would be nice setting up some socials if you guys have ideas?

Happy new year all.


Hi Lofty,

Any ideas on what there is to do in terms of socials?

Perhaps someone should create a thread for socials and then create a whatsapp group - what do you guys think?


Jay from the UK, living in Riyadh


I invite you to follow this topic on this new thread:


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