New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

hi everyone Dhanyal here, I am from Pakistan, working in Saudi Arabia Since 2012. recently shifted to Riyad before I was in Eastern region.



Can you give me the number for the guy, I am searching for a place to lease after 2 months from now.

Hi ! I am Nick. From Ukraine, Coach in C Station Crossfit Dammam

Go to a Labor Ministry office please... they will give you a form for filing a case. But you should check first to a counselor though to know if you have a legal standing about contract and this matter. But after 2 years, the ministry will let you go to your home country if the company not approve. Well, if you wanna leave the company. They can’t hold you as your contract is only 2 years. And then the tricky part in the Court and Laws - you can’t win if you submitted resignation or notification to your company late, should be before the month stated ( 3 months before ) or it is automatically renewed.

* find a Counselor/lawyer talk about it - then go to the labor office. They rule the decisions.

Hi everyone,

I'm new in Jeddah, i am French native and an English teacher. I would like to meet people and help me to get around.

Hi everyone out there.

Hello guys,
This is Mohammed Lavlak from India working as a Business Development Manager in Riyadh since last 5 months.
I am looking forward to make new friends across different nationalities. I am a very easy going and open person. Looking to meet like minded people. Interested people can add or personal message me.

Hi, everyone Hope all expat around the

World  are enjoying and feeling home


I am Chaudhary Zafar Iqbal 

residing in Jubail Saudi Arabia.   

nice to meet y'all!!

excited to meet new friends here!

Be Safe!

hi everyone i am living in riyadh i am new here.

Hey everyone.
I hope you are all doing well.
My name is salman. I am saudi and I live in Riyadh. I am an Engineer.
Thanks ;)

Hi all,

I am Peter and I am soon to move to Riyadh for work.

Very excited to learn more about this city

Hi All,
I've just been offered a job teaching in Al Khobar.   I'm really excited and I have all intentions to accept the position starting in August but I am nervous because I am a single mom to a 8 year old son and am very concerned about his adjustment.  Any advice from any single mothers out there? 



I am from India and stay with family here and i feel this is the safest country to live in.

Welcome and all the best

I am social media Influencer/specialist and an event blogger. I blog about food, fashion , travel 4 kids. I have in Jeddah for about 8 years now . Alhamdulillah.
A mom of two kids. I Also volunteers for events and workshops.

Hi Dorian I am in Jeddah too. I love to meet new
Ellle too. You can get in touch at***

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Hello Ms Dorina,
This is Ahmed HR officer in Jeddah,
You can contact me for any information

Hello dataserve,

What kind of information can you provide?

Thank you.

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