New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2020

Hi all,

Newbie on the Saudi Arabia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Saudi Arabia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Abdalla from Nashville, TN USA. Just arrived in Riyadh about a month ago. Still adapting to a new environment with its challenges and excitements but I'm doing great, so far. Wish me luck!

Hello everyone.

Im Taigo Pio from Brazil. Nowadays, im working at sinopec petroleum as operations coordinator coiled tubing project.

Hi all,

I am Jo. Me and my husband are moving to Riyadh in April. We currently leave in London.
Would love to hear from an expat females here just to see how they feel in Saudi.
We will be living in California compound, my husband will start work sort of immediately while I will be looking for job while there - I would like to work :)

Many thanks in advance :)


I am considering moving to Al Jawf area, any one living in that area please respond as i need some basic information

Thank you

Hi i am  F.H. Mallick from India and worked here last 10 years in different organisation and various city like Riyadh, Muzamia, Jizan as well as Alkharj . I have good experience  to other city Dammam ,Makkah, Madina

Hi every buddy Im New Riyadh , This post is just to say HI to u all

Hey Joo,

I assume it would be hard for you to find a job with family status.
I suggest you to go through some blogs regarding working in KSA with family status.

Cheese and Peace :)

Welcome to Riyadh, Jo!

I've been here for the last two months. My only advice is that work on your Iqamas (resident cards) as soon as you stepped into this country. Most likely someone else or an agency, I'm assuming, will file your paperwork but just keep pushing them and pushing from the get go. Many things will be easier after receiving that card. You guys will be living in a compound so that's great.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

Welcome to Riyadh, Coolwater! Hope everything is going well for you.

I'm new to here too. Let us know any questions

Hi, I am from India. Moved to Jeddah in Jan'20. Working as a Industrial Trainer.

I have applied for family visit visa last week. I got Jeddah Chamber attestation in my application. When I checked in MoFA with my application it shows" (نأمل تحري الدقة في ادخال البيانات (العنوان) (المدينة - الحي- الشارع ".

Anyone please explain what this error message is about... Thank you.

Hello folks im a new member in dis community and i great you all

Hi everyone
Just moved to Riyadh. Looking for sports classes for kids like swimming and taekwondo and medical arabic as well as colloquial Arabic language classes or private tutors.  Need information on healthy and wholesome organic groceries. Hospitals or pediatrician recommendations etc.

Hi  Jo.
we moved to Riyad last week. My husband is working also here. I came from Germany. My husband is from England. I am  also looking for a work. We are looking for Compounds too. It is very expensive here. Now we are staying at the hotel. I am so bored without work here. If you are staying in a compounds, there are many british people, you can spend with them time. I am here in the hotel alone, if my husband are going to work. You can work as an English Teacher here.

Hello I am Noel. Currently living in Jeddah. I like graphics designing as hobby. I collect toys and shirts. Now I am into designing shirts. See ya!

Hi All
This is Abdul Just moved to Dammam last week. currently waiting for my Iqama.....I came from Canada......I need to pply for driving licence and also for my fmsily visa...Please guide if you can....Please also let me know if we expat in Dammam are meeting some time......
Thanks and bets regards

Good morning All.
Just want to say hi to all off you.
We are new on and me and my wife are in Jeddah.

Hi I'm Shaamielahfrancis

From S.A. I got an inter view with AIS Jeddah. Anyone know what the salary scale is for an English teacher?

:) I am Shaamielah from South Africa. I'm an English teacher. I'm looking for a suitable post. Anybody?

yea sure you can get it. share your resume

Hey Everyone,
I am moving to Medinah at the end of April. I am a registered nurse working as an educator at a new hospital being built now. I Haven’t heard much about this city on the expat communities and I have been told we are pioneering the expat community in Medinah as it has just opened its doors to non muslims. I am looking for others who either live there or are moving there! Otherwise I am open to anyone’s friendly advice.

Calgary, Canada

Hello Julien

This is juveriya, from India, pursuing Master's degree in microbiology and looking for a suitable career in Madinah.
Hope you would help me through.

Thank you.

Hi I am a nurse from USA. I am in the process of obtaining the Saudi Health Commission license and then a visa to work in Jeddah. Hopefully will be moving there in April if the paperwork goes smoothly. It has been the most work I have ever done for a job! (Originally started it all in July!)

I would love to connect with other nurses in KSA and other women.

I am looking forward to scuba diving and traveling during my contract.


Good day  thank you so much, for accepting me to join
In your organization I am  a Filipino working in Saudi Arabia  as a general supervisor in company  I was assigned to work in oil gas industry in Saudi aramco
In this for the first that I join in your organization
Thank you so much in hopefully that you can assist
If ever I have questions that I want to know about the

Hoping in your kind consideration thanks.

Hello Brie,
My Name is Gerald, am from Nairobi Kenya, i have been working and living in Saudi for the last 10yrs same company but different categories in different cities. Im currently living in Riyadh but planning to visit Madinah to see a long time friend.

Thanks & Regards


This is the error about your address which you have mentioned on your visit Visa application. Make sure it is the same as your National address of Saudi post.

Hi, everyone, my name is Malik, I am born and raised in Saudi Arabia but originally I am from Pakistan.

I work as an electrical engineer in a facilities management services company. My topics of interest are international relations and geopolitics.

I would love to learn more about the world through this forum.

Good day everyone

Hi guys,

I'm Alicia, born in the US but grew up in Riyadh for about 12 -15 years. Now I'm trying to find the right job/company to bring me back so I can further my work life and my sense of adventure. I am adjusted, appreciative and respectful to the culture in Saudi Arabia; and I find it to be beautiful.

Let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks in contacting/landing a job back in KSA!


Oh me too bored without work activity.. :huh:

I am from Syria living in Riyadh since 12 years ago , and working as civil engineer at construction company.
i am interested looking for friends from other culture and meet with them and may help each others.

Best regards

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Hi there!  Did you move to Jeddah?  I have just moved from the UK!

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