New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi! I am Masood from Riyadh city

Greetings to all! actually I joined the way back January 2018 but I haven't posted for introduction in this thread yet. Anyway, I am grateful to have this moment to say "Hello to all! I am Lio Bisnar, a Filipino and staying in Al Khobar KSA.

Wishing everyone a blissful days ahead. Best regards.


My name is Sheakha. I am a Saudi and just came from the US after having lived there for more than a decade. I am a professor at a local university in Riyadh. Happy to be here to answer any questions about higher education or general accommodations. I have a 6 yr old daughter that I plan to homeschool for the upcoming academic year (not sure how to do it with being a full-time faculty  :| ). If any homeschoolers are here, I`d love to connect and know more about your experience!

Hello all, my name is Prashant. R. Just now joined this forum. I work in the Oil&Gas industry&live in Jubail. In India, I live in Mumbai.

Hi to all,halil from Turkey..newly moved to Riyadh ..i know Turkish, kurdish, Azerbaijani,some Persian ..who ever would like to learn,can contact me to get Arabic in return :)

Hi all,

I’m in saudi arabia madinah

I have ıqama and driver license

I’m from Turkey

How do I buy a used car from bahrain

is it possible?

Thank you

Hi Every body
big welcome from Riyadh to all

my name is Amin,i am here long time i can help and support for any questions here
i am Located in Riyadh.

Hello all , i recently joined

i am Saudi citizen living in Jubail

i am living in my country so i am not expat i joined for having chance provide and exchange information whenever useful or can help

thanks and welcome to all

I am  Badie’,
i came back just two weeks ago to Saudi from Britain, starting a new job in a private hospital in Jeddah .  I hope I  will benefit from this forum to meet other expats in Jeddah and attend activities.


Eid Mubarak everyone. Hope you had great time with your loved ones :-)  :heart:  :kiss:  :heart:

I'm Looking for a friend here in Alkhobar. :D

Hi there, I've been here in Saudi for almost 10 years but just now only i've got to try to participate in this forum which i've found very cool to share and help to share some ideas.

I'm glad to be here. :)>


My name is raad, i’m saudi from Riyadh

I’m athletic + i love any sports

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Hi adil can we communicate through email

Hello Everyone,
This is Taher Ali, Consultant Engineer, working in Dammam,
Since 2014 December,
Nice to meet you all.

Thank you Admin. For a wonderful platform to share Ideas.

Hi everyone, I’m Mohammed a sudanese guy living in Khobar, born in Saudi Arabia, would love to meet people interested in music and I’m quite sure this beautiful community have some musicians who also looking to meet people with the same interests, don’t hesitate, inbox me ✌🏼✌🏼

Hey, I'm also Sudanese and i live in Riyadh

Wouldn't mind meeting with people to play instruments together

Hi There.

I'm Noel from South Africa. Been in jeddah now 5 months.  I currently live and work here in hospitality. I'm looking to make contact with anyone who is wanting to chat and make friends. I'm still new here. So inbox me

Hey, I’m Fatma, what instruments do you play? I recently purchased a guitar and I’d like to learn or join a musical group

Hello Everyone!

i was looking for a used car when i stumbled upon this site...  :D

I'm in Jeddah and i would be delighted to have new friends which has the same interests... ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

I play Oud and a bit of guitar

Hello Everyone!

Hope youre having a nice day. Just want to ask for your guidance with my current dilemma. I already have a job offer and a working visa for KSA. But due to Ramadan and vacation season, my working visa will most likely expire before all the documents/process are finished and be allowed to travel.

May i ask if there’s a way to extend the initial 90-day work visa validity? If not, whats my other option/s?

Thank you so much for your time! Peace!

Hi i am shezan i live in riyadh i am a makeup artist and want to give classes and do freelance makeup. I am highly qualified currently working in riyadh

Nice knowing you Rania

Contact me on email address ***  as you free

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Shehzad bahai. My name is tahir.i am in Riyadh. I am diploma holder in petroleum technology and I am in search of job in any petroleum company. Can you help me in this regard. My contact no is. ***

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Hello prashant. H r u brother. I am tahir zaman live in Riyadh. I am diploma holder in petroleum technology .so I want job in oil and gas company. Can you help me in this regard. My contact no is ***.this is also my watsup no.i shall be highly thankful to you.

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Mirza here. Originally from Jeddah but now living in Australia. Great to meet everyone


Hope everyone is enjoying to stay in Saudi Arabia, if not, just let me if you have questions that I can answer (e.g. difficult to understand Arabic language, or what/where in riyadh in particular).

I would like to know anyone in Riyadh who speaks Russian (I have a beginner level in Russian and I want to improve my language in Russian, I have some textbooks) all I want is a native speaker.

Contact me by sending me messages.

Thank you.

Hello Everyone

My name is Salah. 30 years old expat, Jordanian and recently moved from the UAE. I love Riyadh and look to making friends and meet new people. Very motivated into physical activities, and western likeminded lifestyle(However it is here) , given that I been living abroad for over 10 years.

I’m looking to share an apartment of 2 bedroom in Riyadh near King abdulla street or Ulaya .

If anyone is interested do write me through the expat inbox .

With Kind regards

Hi I work in hospitality too but based in Riyadh . Send me a dm if you come around it and maybe we can get some coffee

hi! just joined here. im a filipina currently based in alkhobar.
im a free-spirited, nomad-at-heart-lass who's always looking for a way to wander around (on a budget, of course).
its been my dream (for years!) to explore the Kingdom -- deserts, oasis,seas, villages, etc,
im hoping to find like-minded expats who are willing to explore and go on an adventure with me, taking  into consideration all the restrictions and challenges for females.

cheers! :-)

I'm Ali Aljabran. I'm Saudi from Eastern Province (Hasa/Dammam). I recently relocated to Riyadh to continue working on a tech-startup related to VR/AR. I lived before in USA, UK, and Dubai for study and work. I'm divorced with no kids.

I follow a healthy life style of exercising, eating clean and avoiding drugs/alcohol/smoke etc.

The thing I love the most in Riyadh is its diversity which allows me to see life from different perspectives.

I'm staying temporarily at someone's flat and in the look to find a shared accommodation to move into (message me for more!). Since I'm incubated with Badir for the startup, the closer the accommodation to it the better.

Strange fact: I wake up at 4-5Am and crashes at 8-9Pm in work days and weekends. Definitely looking to connect with other early birds.



Hi Everyone,
My name is Pamela, I´m from Colombia and I´ve been living in Saudi Arabia for about 1 year and half. I´m an spanish teacher based in Dammam. If you are interested to learn a new language here is your opportunity :).


Pamela B.G.

Hi I'm Antony  from the UK, this is my second visit to Saudi Arabia. I was here from 2003-2007 and enjoyed my time then and hope to do the same this time round. Riyadh has changed a lot since I was last here, driving is still challenging!

I'd like to chat with other English speaking expats and get out there and explore.

Hello Sheakha! I am also a Saudi woman who has lived in the U.S. for a long time as well (23 years) and am headed back home this summer. If I may ask, what university are you teaching at? I'm currently looking for a faculty position myself!

Hi There,

I am a new member of and i am looking a forum regarding travelling from Jeddah to Jordan by land (Saptco) is there anyone had an experience. appreciated your reply :)

I had landed 2 days back in Riyadh. I am working as IT developer for one of the big firm.
Looking for nice furnished apartment to get settled. I also welcome anyone person to share apartment.

Hello everyone,
It was great to see people from different culture and background here. I wish everyone all the luck.
It has been more than 30 years i am residing in this Saudia, Jeddah and ready to answer your questions, query, enquiry. Also available for networking and connecting with everyone.

Hi Everyone,
I am Mohamed - 31 years - from Cairo, Egypt. I have just moved to Khobar, SA 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to meeting new friends and spending some good times here. Also, I am open to any kind of events.

Please feel free to text me.

thanks :)

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