Changing of Date of Birth while renewal of Passport

Hi Guys,

When i came to middle-east before 08 years i was young and my age was not fulfilling the requirement of visa. so i have changed my DOB by attaching a affidavit . now my metric and Diploma DOB is different than my IQAMA and Passport and my Passport is going to expire on 16th July 2018.

My Question is.

My passport is going to expire in 16th July 2018 and i want to change my DOB while renewal of my Passport in Riyadh ?

I hope you understand that the practice of changing DOB for the sake of getting job visa doesn't reflects good image

If the date of birth in the passport is different than your birth certificate / metric; it shouldn't be an issue to get it corrected.  Every country has a process for correction of errors or mismatches on the passport.

However, in your case, you gave an affidavit i.e. you basically lied about your date of birth under oath.   That may give rise to complications.

For the process, do a google search; many links show up for the process of changing date of birth on an indian passport.

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