New members of the Poland forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Poland forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Poland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello, I am from Cebu Philippines. A Medical Lab Tech graduate and has quiet a long experience in clinical laboratory settings. I am planning to work and live in Poland with my husband to start a family and try a new job for a change probably in the food or hospitality industry. Also, hope to settle there for our future as well as slowly learning the Polish language.

I am glad to know that there is a forum like this for new and incoming expats who has the interest in living in Poland. Thank you so much!

God Bless us all!


Hi guys,

I am planning on coming to study in Poland and I have identified 2 universities that offer BSc Psychology in English, SWPS and Warsaw University.  The fees are a bit high than what I was considering.  If you are in a university that offers the degree program, full time in English - please let me know.

If there is any other information you guys can share with me about applying, please let me know. 



My name is Robert..I live in Nairobi Kenya, East Africa. I am planning to move to Poland and work there as a Commercial Lawyer for some time.
I am experienced in commercial law in areas of projects, real estate,Restructuring and Aviation.
I would appreciate to have contacts of law firms or companies looking for a lawyer with my sort of expertise to enable me establish the requisite communications.

I like Poland in view of the relative stability and good quality of life. I will be glad to share my experiences and is prepared to invite any willing Polish for a visit and come and enjoy the warmth of East Africa.

My best regards.

Hiya, my name is Aby and we've been living in Poland for more than a year now. I have two small children, aged 2 and 4 and since they are in a nursery all day I decided I need to make more friends. My life has been pretty centred on my babies and now i have so much free time I need to get out there.

I also desperately need to learn Polish as my whole family is speaking it with ease around me and it's driving me crazy. If you have any Language tips, books, audio cd's, anything! Please let me know and maybe we can meet up?

We live in a small village in south of Poland, it's very sweet.


I am moving to Poland ( Bialystok) this Spring to join my Polish partner. I will slowly learn the language and culture.

I would love to learn jive dancing and salsa in Poland. Can anyone suggest how to find out if there are any adult dance classes in Bialystok?

Hi !

Name ; Mohamed Daoud ,

living in warszawa


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My name is Shlomit and I am from Israel.
I plan to come and live in Poland in one year.
I have two daughters who are going to school here in Israel.
I visited Poland a few times in the last year and I loved it. I plan to come again for a big journey in the summer.

Nice to meet you all,

Hi y'all..
My name's Faye. I recently joined to find new friends and also i'm looking for someone to seriously teach me the Polish Language. I have lived here for 2 years and i don't feel like i'm improving my Polish. If you are interested,please let me know.

Happily waiting,

Hi Faye,

Thank you for your reply.
As I mentioned,I live in Israel.
I am sorry but I don't speak Polish.
I hope you'll find people to communicate with them in Polish.


I'm an American who has a JD from Australia.  I'd like to know about your progress in Poland.


My name is Rayan Baydoun and i am from Lebanon. I am planning on acquiring my Master's degree in Poland starting this winter semester. Any tips?
A more specific curiosity: How do other Lebanese find it in Poland?


Hi All,
I have been coming to Poland for the last 20 years every other month for a month from States.Even though I have a small circle of friends here but when I am there it tends to get lonely specially in weekends,so I would like to make friends and help them in any way I can(even though I myself sometimes need a baby sitter cuz of language barriers).
If anyone interested just  let me know and we can hang out and chat etc.

Hi all,
I am Bella from Penang, Malaysia, plan to come and live in Poland.
Would like to get know someone from Poland 😊 and teach me Polish Language.

Nice meeting all of you

A big Hiiii to who ever is reading this!! I am a NLP junior practitioner trying to find myself a place in Warsaw for pursuing my masters in University of Warsaw. I am planning to move there in the month of September provided everything goes on well. I am planning to a masters in cognitive science in the university of Warsaw. It would be of great help if i can get a little basic information on the country as a whole.
Some information about me would be that I am extremely friendly and fun loving. I love getting lost with the beauty of nature. I would be a great choice if you are looking up for a friend to accompany you for a morning jog. I will certainly be very helpful to get you out of stress and depression as I have practised Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) in India. I can teach people about India and its culture and I would also love to listen to polish cultural stories. I am sure I will very soon build my polish family through this network! :)

With Love,

Vigneswaran J (Vicky)

Hi There!

How are you doing? This is Saddam from Bangladesh and I have been here in Qatar for two and a half years. Working with a facilities management company as operation supervisor. Nice to meet you all here.

Actually I am planning to move to Poland with job offer from any company in Poland. So kindly let me know may I have a favour from anyone here regarding my concern please.



Hello. Sooner I'll be living in Bydgoszcz and I would like to meet some people from there who speaks English. My native language is Spanish so if somebody is interested to exchange Polish-Spanish that would be great :) I like to read, listen to music, really enjoy nature and dance.

My Best Wishes!

My name is Anna. I am from Poland. I enjoy to design and create various things.
Travels are also significant part of my live.
I'm glad to be part of the expact.service

all the best

Hello Anna, nice to meet you. I like to travel too, definitely, it's one of the best ways of enjoying life, in my personal opinion. What kind of things do you create? And I would like to know if you are fond of nature?

Have a beautiful day!

Hi all,
I am newbie here.
My name is Za. I am Malaysian and my husband is French. We have 3 children and just moved here from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia following my husband's relocation of work. I have no idea yet how the life here in Warsaw about, but look forward to meeting new people and discovering Warsaw and Poland.
Thanks and have a good day everyone! :-))

Hello everyone and welcome to Expat.Com  :)

For all new members who wish to move to Poland but don't  have a clue how to go about with formalities and so on, please read the Living in Poland guide. You will find some useful information on how to make your move, formalities, work, visa etc...

You may also post your questions on the Poland forum so that members may guide you.

All the very best,

Hello My Dear
Your wish is my coomand
Here you got

Practical verbs for you
Taniec - Dance
Szkoła Tańca Dance school

Poland is famous for hospitality. In big cities it's really easy to find jobs. What's more companies very often recruit foreigners beacuase we are not efficient. We dont have labours as well as profesionals. Many Polish people have moved abroad.
What you need to know. Polish languege is heavy. Especially pronounciation and grammar. In big cities are schools that teach  Polish .
We have incredible history. Our sighteeinhs are also amazing. Some of them are on UNESCO list.
Cracow is beatiful, Warsaw and Lazienki and Palace on Water facultative to see!
Lake"Eye of the See" in Zakopane is probabably the most beatiful view in Poland

Vicky, welcome to Poland! I am not sure if I understood correctly... Are you looking for a place to stay? I am a teacher, currently living in Warsaw, and I am looking for a roommate. I live close to the city center and both universities....not to mention a beautiful park; perfect for nature lovers 😊 Fun fact. My major at the university was anthropological linguistics😁

Hello good people,
I am glad to be here, I hope my expectations will be met. I am visiting Poland in October, so I'm here to seek advice, guide and probably company. I am an interesting guy to be with.

What exactly do you need?

You know what every Polish big city has website, where you can find helpful services as well as information about places to rent, cars for sale etc. It's easy to seek that sites, beacuse names are very similar to names of cities e. g. Szczecin and
It' could be good quide for you. Unfortunately the service is in Polish.

Hello everyone reading this!
Greetings from Kenya.
Am Thomas, Agricultural engineering technician ,am looking forward to shift to Poland. Am in talk with a certain company grateful if all goes well.
Thanks and stay safe all!

Thank you for your warm wish. I want to be expat at Poland. I am new to come here. I want to know how to apply and I don't know how to get a job offer. You can advice me as a new comer of this country. Yet i haven't any job permit or offer letter from Poland

Thanks and regards
Md Zakiul Islam Shaon

I want to be in Poland. But i haven't work permit and job offer. Can you advice me any for further information. i will learn polish language from Polish school.

Hi guys. Jestem Dom!
I am 24 and currently work as an Architectural Technician in the UK. I hold a first class honours degree in Architectural Technology. I am looking to move and work in Warsaw as my partner lives and works there.
Any help and advice for getting work would be appreciated. I have many transferable skills.

Hey am Angela from Uganda but currently working in Dubai and planning to move to Poland.Am a CCTV operator.

Am a bit scared but excited about the prospect of moving to Poland and searching for employment so Landing on this forum is an answered prayer.
in the mean time am trying to learn Polish :)

Am so happy to be here

Glad to meet you all

I am Shepherd and a proud Zimbabwean. I have just moved from South Africa where I was living and working since 2007.

I am doing a joint doctorate with the Pedagogical University of Krakow and Ghent University (Belgium). My research project is on International Refugee Law. It will be completed in 2023.

I miss home,  I miss Africa.  I miss my language.  Help me find myself.

My name is Kristy... I come from Chicago, IL, USA and am currently living in Gliwice, Poland as of this month. I am here teaching english at a speed school and am very eager to find people to adventure/hang out with!
If anyone is nearby, or knows this city and has any tips, it would be much appreciated!
(I wrote a pretty detailed description of who I am in my profile  :)  )


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