Hey guys,
I am new to the site and come from the USA; really trying to find people near me to hang out with/adventure with.
I am an ESL teacher at a speed school are in Gliwice, Poland. I know it is a smaller city and may not be as easy to find other expats, but there have to be some out there...
If not expats, at least people who can get by in English and know some cool things to do! Even if it would take a trip to get there, I would love to hear about any events/activities around.

If you'd like to know more about me, just click my profile!

Hello again.
Nice to meet you, I live in Dąbrowa Górnicza, just a place not far from Gliwice. I can give you some recommendations about leisure time in Gliwice and nearby. I'm not sure what kind of activities do you prefer , camping, sport or just relaxing ?
I'm not an expat. I'm just local but I've always wanted to see or live in other countries and meet people from there.
Kind Regards

Hey Kristy!

Nice to meet you. We live about 40 minutes from Gliwice! I'm a British expat living in Zawadzkie for the last 2 years with my Polish husband and two children. And i'm in the USA at the moment visiting family. We have so much in common!

Hope you're finding Gliwice okay, and you're having fin teaching English.

Let's meet up.

Best wishes,


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